Movie Review: Hate Story

Ram Gopal Varma should take one of the guns from his soon-to-be-released film Department’s set and shoot himself in the left foot for not calling his last film “Hate Story”, which is so much more direct a name than the RGV-ish “Not A Love Story“.

The story of a journalist who carries out a sting operation on a fraud company, gets fucked by the owner’s son, only to threaten to take away half his fortune by informing him of her pregnancy, and get kidnapped and forced to undergo an abortion, Hate Story has the female protagonist Kavya Krishna (Paoli Dam) doing everything possible to destroy the young crorepati’s cement company “brick by brick”. She goes about her mission by taking a crash course in sex from a high-class hooker and sleeping with people to either steal information or get a favour from them. The young man, in turn, leaves no stone unturned to ruin the lady’s life.

Paoli Dam doesn’t have the face, but she uses her body to get through the film, and it is obviously her body that got her the film. The story isn’t bad at all, but it isn’t very interesting either; Hate Story isn’t a movie that will bore you, because it does attempt to tell a story, and because it’s always entertaining to watch a shapely woman have her way with powerful, horny men.

“I fuck with the people who fuck with me,” is the line that is exchanged quite a few times between Delhi’s top prostitute Paoli and the man she wants to ruin – Gulshan Devaiah. And it is he who acts really well; Gulshan Devaiah stammers before his father in fear, and the rest of the time he’s busy getting even with the whore. Devaiah gets a good shot at acting – a chance he didn’t get in the glossy mess that Shaitan was – and he gives a great performance.

Written and produced by Vikram Bhat, and directed by Vivek Agnihotri, Hate Story isn’t going to make any difference to Hindi cinema, but this is what the combination of revenge and naked flesh tells men: that Vicky Donor can be watched later in the day.



4 Responses to “Movie Review: Hate Story”

  1. April 20, 2012 at 11:13

    So,is it even a one time watch movie or not???


  2. 3 S
    April 20, 2012 at 12:09

    You had to go see the nekkid girl first, didn’t you! 8)


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