Review: Hotel Parth Palace (Paharganj, New Delhi)

By far the worst place to stay at in New Delhi, Hotel Parth Palace is the price I paid for being cheap, only to learn that you can’t live cheaply in Delhi. You either pay a lot of money and book a room or you spend less and be miserable. The rooms are worth nothing, and you’re also treated like shit. A foreigner was called down to the lobby by the manager only to be told that she’d have to move out of her room because the ac wasn’t working and they couldn’t fix it. The manager had summoned her downstairs through a bellboy to inform her that she’d have to move to a non-ac room. She first got the good news that her bill would be cut by 200 rupees a day, but at the end of it the hotel added a few hundred bucks as hidden charges. Having a train to catch, the woman decided to pay up instead of arguing.

Hotel Parth Palace has the filthiest bathrooms and is unapologetic about it. The bellboys harrow you throughout the day, either to ask if you need something or to tell you to visit the manager because he has some bad news for you. Despite being tucked in a narrow by-lane, this place is one of the noisiest on Arakashan Road, Paharganj. The noise comes either from people talking loudly outside or the bellboys shouting at each other. The walls are dirty, there is no view, and then there are the hidden charges which you’re not told about when you book a room. Oh yes, the cable TV connection keeps breaking too. There are decent places for cheap accommodation on the same road (Paharganj is packed with hotels), so stay the hell away from this one.

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