Restaurant Review: Karim (Delhi)

At first sight it becomes obvious that Karim in Delhi is not in any way related to the several branches of Kareem’s that are strewn across the city of Mumbai. Even Karim makes this clear: a board inside the restaurant says that there are only three Karim outlets, none of which are in Mumbai. The cooks outside prepare the dishes Karim is famous for.

The interiors of the restaurant are simple, just as you’d expect of a typical Muslim joint. Decades of fame haven’t gone to the heads of those who own and run Karim; most of the dishes are reasonably priced, and among the expensive dishes is the tandoori bakra – a full goat, stuffed with biryani and hell knows what else and then roasted. It sounds disgusting and I wouldn’t order it even if it was 10 times cheaper (it costs a few thousand rupees and has to be ordered a day in advance).

Dal fry, nalli nihari and sheermal

Sheermal, gurda-kaleji and mutton korma


Even though the meat is tender as it should be, the highly recommended nalli nihari is dull. The sheermal (not saffron-flavoured though, as is the tradition) isn’t anything to jump about either. The half plate of dal fry is garlicky and mushy, and you might want to sample the cold firni just to get rid of the taste of the overrated breakfast at Karim. The second breakfast at Karim a week later is much better: they’ve run out of nalli nihari and paya and have only gurda-kaleji (kidney-liver) and mutton korma (which turns out to be fantastic and makes the sheermal enjoyable).

The food, as expected, has enough oil to drown a rat.

[We’ll be trying Karim‘s kebabs, curries and biryani on our next visit to Delhi… if we haven’t gone vegetarian by then, that is.]

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10 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Karim (Delhi)”

  1. November 11, 2012 at 19:21

    I agree some of Delhi’s iconic restaurants and food chains are highly overrated. Thanks for the heads up on this though, I thought of trying Karim’s in my next visit to Delhi. I wouldn’t bother going through all those traffic hassles and overcrowding to have food that doesn’t taste that well.


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