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Film Review: The Cabin In The Woods

It’s very difficult to write about a movie as brilliant as The Cabin In The Woods without giving it away, so let’s start by saying it: The Cabin In The Woods is fucking brilliant. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have given a genre that didn’t know where to go a twist it needed real bad. I was getting sick of pointless franchises and finding comfort in horror flicks that were erasing the cliches, but TCitW comes crawling as a standard horror movie representative of the done-to-death (and beyond) genre. Only, it isn’t your typical spook-fest.

A mega-mix of every horror film you’ve seen, The Cabin In The Woods embraces all that is lovable about the genre except crosses, but you can’t be scared knowing that it’s not just the people in the movie hall that are watching what’s happening to the five youngsters who were looking forward to a pleasant weekend in the cabin in the woods. The movie is twisted beyond expectations, and when the brilliance of the story idea seems to fade, a bloodbath unlike one you’ve seen before begins.

It’s so much fun; how I’m aching to describe what I saw in the movie. The Cabin In The Woods uses all the cliches to surprise and delight, and then throws in some more. The Ancient Ones, along with all the other creatures must be thrilled to be a part (and eventually become many parts) of this genre-bending moment.

There’s no way in hell I’m going to spoil this for anyone. Don’t watch the trailer; just go for the movie. And keep your expectations high… The Cabin In The Woods is a modern horror classic.

RATING: 4.5/5

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