Music Review: Whitechapel (2012)

By Himanshu Singh Rathor

A track-by-track review of the deathcore band’s self-titled album from our new writer 

“I am hate you are hated, I’ve created you’ve created
Now get it through your fucking head, we create hate.”

Whitechapel have come up with another stupefying album which reaffirms their position as one of the best bands this genre has to offer. This album is fierce, utterly ruthless, and should have been titled “Hate Creation” due to the sheer amount of hate in the lyrics. The entire album has an extent of antipathy in it, especially the phrases “I won’t be the one to fall, I will kill you all…”, “Take me away and I just want out..” and “You’ll never wake up again”, which will keep drifting through your head after you’ve listened to the entire album several times. The forbidden ‘progressive’ part of Whitechapel is a gratifying change and one can observe minor changes in songwriting as compared to their previous records – the acoustic transitions, piano-intro and more technicality. On the whole, most songs are standard Whitechapel material with groovy breakdowns and catchy core riffs. The charming solos in a few of the songs really shows the mature switch of the band. I liked it, as the songs demanded them, and the band fulfilled that very neatly.

‘Make it Bleed’ is a perfect start to the album – a very tight song, with amazing progression and Phil Bozeman (vocals) killing it as always. ‘Hate Creation’ sounds like Whitechapel‘s usual deathcore number – a bit groovy, and very effective with its words (if you are observant enough). Phil truly has majestic control over his vocals. ‘(Cult)uralist’ is one of my favourite songs in the album with double kicks, amazing vocal phrasing and its spooky-solo finish. This song is repeat mode stuff, a head-slamming example of what Whitechapel can do to you, if only you let them.

Though catchy rhythmically, ‘I, Dementia’ gets fucked up because of its repetitive core riffs. The song is about how ‘reality is fabricated’ and how Phil ‘refuses to see it’. Ending with a slow breakdown coupled with a short solo,  this is an  effective song but doesn’t fit into the album because of how its structure differs from the other material. ‘Section 8’ came out before as a single in ’11 and I liked the song back then and still do. A notable part is the end where Phil gives a vigorous vocal break. Very sick. ‘Faces’ is a nice track, talking about hypocrisy. A good chorus with a breakdown over it, followed by blast beats. Nice, catchy deathcore.

‘Dead Silence’ and ‘The Night Remains’ are songs that really live up to what one would expect from Whitechapel. With low-fi guitaring and fast deathcore breakdowns, these are very bouncy tracks which make them my favorite picks from the album. ‘Devoid’ is an instrumental with great riffing. In fact, being in this instrumental doesn’t do the riffs justice. I didn’t think the piano intro was needed either.

‘Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence’ is a perfect inclusion in the Whitechapel album and they’ve always had thing thing about ending their album with a perfect song. Singing about a ‘Dehumanization’ and ‘Messiahbolical’ theme seems like a fitting end. All the elements are mixed in the last song. Verses ending with a cool vibe, standard heavy breakdowns (which make posers go ‘whoa fuck’) and the song finally laying off with a piano outro, a piece like the one at the start of the album.

Whitechapel couldn’t have come with anything tighter than this. The album is a solid masterpiece from one of the finest deathcore bands that fans of the genre will surely dig. With Whitechapel, the band has added another encounter to their killing spree. Perfection achieved.

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