Music Review: Harsha Iyer – When It’s Time (Part One)

Harsha Iyer has already set himself up as one of the most unique artists around. With a nearly perfect debut behind him, the 19-year-old from Chennai has major expectations to live up to, and he is taking on them the only way he knows: with a multitude of instruments and a versatile voice, Harsha Iyer tirelessly weaves seamless songs that take unexpected turns throughout the course of the album. This part of When It’s Time could be one big piece of music separated by song titles, as everything goes with everything else. It’s seriously likable psychedelic pop-rock, with the only downside being that no song really grabs you, except No Easy Answer (easily my pick from the album). It may be no trouble at all to get tunes from Curious Toys playing in your head, but most of the ditties here just don’t stay with you even though the whole affair is grand and elaborate, but unlike the previous album, the fine detailing here works only as a whole, which isn’t a bad thing at all because you’re supposed to listen to it from start to end. It would be fair to expect catchier songwriting from Harsha Iyer on the second part of When It’s Time though, considering the young man has proved more than once that he can rustle up an atmosphere for a dream.

LISTEN/DOWLOAD: Harsha Iyer’s When It’s Time (Part One) | Harsha Iyer’s Curious Toys


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