Movie Review: ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur 2’ is a major disappointment

It was too good to be true. Anurag Kashyap has bitten off more than he can chew. Part One of his revenge saga is a superbly crafted film worth quite a few watches, and it deserves a hell of a follow-up that should explode in your face. Several new characters are introduced in Part Two, and each has his unique style that’s supposed to set him apart from the rest and earn him a place in your memory. Gangs of Wasseypur 2 is supposed to be a lot of things: a mind-blowing continuation of GoW 1; a movie powerful enough to stand on its own; the thunderous conclusion to a riveting tale of vengeance.

Gangs of Wassepur 2 is Anurag Kashyap losing the plot. Kashyap juggles with too many objects to impress, and all fall down. GoW 2 is a botched collage in which everyone has a bone to pick with someone. You don’t need to have a brass band performing at death ceremonies because that kind of contrast (it’s so… RGV) doesn’t impress you anymore. It’s a mockery of a very serious situation, and the same can be said about Gangs of Wasseypur 2. Even the wacky music and the attempts at humour start to feel excessive, and the less said about the tributes to the Hindi film industry, the better. Bollywood is seeping out of every pore of GoW 2. If you want to go filmy, take a break from the offbeat filmmaking and just go filmy – don’t use Bollywood to evoke laughter throughout the movie only because you’re secretly dying to be all that and are too embarrassed to do it openly.

Gangs of Wasseypur 2 is a bloody mess of a movie that doesn’t let itself be taken seriously.

RATING: 2.5/5

Movie Review: Gangs Of Wasseypur 1

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18 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur 2’ is a major disappointment”

  1. 1 Sailesh Mohapatra`
    August 8, 2012 at 04:25

    Don’t quite agree. What may have been one of the central themes of the movie itself in the second part and in hindsight through the first part as well, cannot be held against the quality of the movie. It’s like saying the directors repeated attempts at dark humour are now obvious and hence quite unnecessary. I quite liked the constant repetition of certain motifs that seem to ridicule the OTT setups and characterizations. Because thats what the movie was, OTT, and the director seems to have no issues in facing up to that. Maybe watching the movie both parts back to back would have shorn of that comment because the bollywood elements have been present right through the movie. If there could be criticism, I guess, we could say that the director’s treatment of a serious subject was ridiculous. That said, I laughed through the movie, maybe, that WAS the appeal.


    • August 8, 2012 at 05:04

      Unfortunately for all of us, Sailesh, Gangs Of Wasseypur is supposed to be a serious movie with humour thrown in, not a revenge story thickly coated with a bunch of jokes. Did you not hear the ringtones everybody’s cellphones had? Did all of them have to be a Hindi film song? Even the truck honking in the background towards the end is the popular Dhoom theme. It’s obvious that Faisal Khan and Mohsina are Bollywood buffs, but did Anurag Kashyap have to lean on that throughout Gangs of Wasseypur 2?

      It’s not that the filmmaker’s attempts at dark humour are now obvious – it’s that they’re in excess. Anurag Kashyap hasn’t ridiculed anything in GoW 2: he has built the entire second half of the movie around it. It’s lame, because the movie should have been a hard-hitting story, whereas “Gangs of Wasseypur 2” is impossible to take seriously. I don’t think Kashyap was trying to make another Ra. One.

      Did you get anything from the second part of “Gangs of Wasseypur” apart from the stretched Bollywood jokes? I really don’t think that was meant to be the appeal of Anurag Kashyap’s ‘magnum opus’. I wanted a gripping thriller that would shake me all over and remain stuck in my mind forever, because that’s what the first part had promised.

      If the director wanted to go OTT, he should have gone OTT instead of resorting to taking digs at (or paying tributes to) Hindi cinema throughout. He could have gone “over the top” without even mentioning any Hindi movie or famous characters from Hindi films. Kashyap did it well in GoW 1… it was in check and not taking away from the seriousness of the story. In fact, the humour in Part One was delightful.

      Clearly, he didn’t know where to go with Part Two. Again, I wanted a punch in the face with some laughs, not a comedy session in a supposed epic.


  2. 5 Anonymous
    August 8, 2012 at 13:38

    mehta kuchh bhi kehta !!!


  3. 7 Shilpa
    August 8, 2012 at 15:08

    Barring a few critics, I don’t think so anyone has a clue about what they are writing. Very few people like Karan Balli, who is a movie extremist to the point that he can give you a lot of fiddle faddle.. but someone like him won’t be interested in writing.. you should watch his shows. And the others like you are just chasing gossip, one astounding headline to another.


    • August 8, 2012 at 15:59

      I don’t have TV.

      By the way, this is what I’ve read in an Anurag Kashyap interview: “Barring a few critics, nobody has a clue what they are talking about.
      I know few good people like Karan Balli, who is a film fanatic to the point that he can give you a lot of trivia. But a man like him won’t be interested in writing. And the people who write are just chasing gossip — one sensational headline to another.”

      So, er… Shilpa… should I take you seriously? Or is that you, Anurag?


  4. 11 Devdutt Nawalkar
    August 11, 2012 at 07:05

    I saw the first part last night. Not to seem contrarian for the heck of it, but this movie fails on so many levels – as a document on post partition India’s growing pains, as a portrayal of the segregated Muslim community, as a simple revenge drama, and even as tribute to plain style over substance. It started very promisingly, the guy playing the original Sardar Khan has a dark, brooding presence to him, and I was hoping he would carry the rest of the movie. But then Manoj Bajpai had to come in with his usual hamming schtick, the overuse of Hindi profanity which these modern directors seem to feel is a viable substitute for true storytelling grit, and the general parading of Bollywood garishness which has come to be accepted as the personification of the “we are like this only” mentality.

    Richa Chaddha is very cool though. But I shudder to think how bad the sequel is if it’s a letdown on this.


    • August 11, 2012 at 07:28

      WHAAAAT? You thought Bajpayee was hamming??

      Okay, but I think you might like Part 2. Everybody seems to be loving it. I think I missed something the whole world saw in GoW 2.


      • 13 Devdutt Nawalkar
        August 11, 2012 at 07:43

        I don’t think humour, even the gallows variety, is Bajpayee’s strong suit, to be honest. Never has been, even as Bhiku, or as the maniac in Kaun if I’m not mistaken; not so subtle. He’s brilliant in the Shool scenario though.

        I felt this movie was very loosely plotted. Bajpayee gets his hair shorn after discovering his father’s manner of death, and so you’d expect him to metamorphose into this vengeful angel of death. But his character becomes more frivolous, if anything, as the movie progresses, finding time to dick around with women (nothing wrong with that btw), and even growing weary with violence. I guess I was expecting to be overwhelmed by this upsurge of dark, sweltering emotion which just never materialized on screen. It may have been hinted at at the very end, but I’m not sure how well it is pulled off in part 2.


        • August 11, 2012 at 07:49

          Well, he doesn’t reach the hospital and dies right there. I want you to watch the second part because I want to know what you think of it. There has to be something I missed that everybody else thought was a treat.


  5. August 15, 2012 at 07:42

    well.. he made what he thought is right.. what turned out to be not right for you.. but atleast its better than what the other chutiyas are making.. and a good thing is he did not take the khans or the kapoors and the pretty faces whom you get to see endorsing every brand .. ab.. thoda credit to dena padega hi na.. jo u have given .. 2.5 is good. 🙂 i support it.. but sala ekthatiger ko jyaada diya tune…


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