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Restaurant Review: Tibet Kitchen (McLeod Ganj)

Momosexuals understand very well that steamed momos beat the crap out of fried momos any damn day. In fact, a true momosexual will not even taste a fried momo a second time, even if he is at Tibet Kitchen, which is said to be one of the best restaurants in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. And Tibet Kitchen is very good, no doubt, even if the service can’t keep up with the quality of food. Ah, something in common with Sernyaa! Times can be busy, you understand.

It’s a formal setting, you observe, as the non-alcoholic beers keep coming, the peach-flavoured one being the best among the three. It’s almost like drinking colas, though, and the next time you won’t waste stomach space on pointless drinks and will go straight for a soup. There are no pics of momos in this post because you are expected to know what momos look like.

The starters and main dishes are very good. Tibet Kitchen is generous with the meat in their dishes; there’s lots of pork, and who eats chicken when there’s pig meat around? It’s all priced moderately, so you don’t mind trying something from the Bhutanese section, and come to know that it is a cuisine you want to taste more of. Forget about the Chinese here and everywhere, unless you’re at a bloody Chinese restaurant, and then don’t ask if they also serve Mughlai, because fuck you.

Pretty much everything you’ll have at Tibet Kitchen is great, and y’know, it’s on par with the only restaurant in Mumbai that serves Tibetan food. Tibet Kitchen, though, doesn’t have the warmth of Sernyaa, or even that inviting vibe. It’s like Tibet Kitchen knows they’re famous and that there will always be people walking in for a meal. Anyway, that’s okay because the rest of Dharamshala makes you feel very good.

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