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Smoking Cigarettes Will Provide The Cancers After The Gutkha Ban

A former smoker, on the ineffectiveness of bans and the vulnerability of their targets

It’s astonishing how laws in our country struggle to be implemented. The ban on smoking in public fizzled out in a few months and everybody smokes everywhere. Thanks to the nonsmokers who refused to put up with the inconvenience of inhaling other people’s smoke, restaurateurs had to keep at least a part of their establishments a smoke-free zone. As a former smoker, and one who inhaled a lot of smoke that came from burning tobacco, ganja leaves and hashish, I have no problem when people smoke around me.

Strangely, only gutkha is being targeted whereas smoking tobacco has been proved to be as harmful. How much more or less smoking cigarettes damage a person than chewing gutkha does, I don’t know, but we all know it’s dangerous as hell. The recent ban on gutkha, just like the ban on smoking in public, went limp in a matter of weeks. Tabloids got their kicks running stories about how easy it was to procure the banned substance, and people will find a way to get what they want. They always do.

I may be way off-base, but I think the larger bracket of the gutkha-chewing group doesn’t know that it can protest for its right to freely buy and consume the stuff, considering cigarette smokers only need to be 100 meters away from schools and colleges to purchase a pack of smokes. Those addicted to gutkha don’t know they can vent their anger networking sites and tell the government ‘aap chutiye hain’ by tweeting like retards. They don’t know that they can stage a public protest for their right to chew what others can smoke.

Those supporting the ban on gutkha understand this on a subconscious level, or they would be pushing for a ban on cigarettes as well, considering both these products that aren’t beneficial in any way and are competing to be the first to give you cancer are sold in the same shop. We understand too well how powerful the tobacco lobby is, for if it weren’t, people would be buying hash and grass and readymade joints instead of wasting money on poison that doesn’t get them high.

Speaking of drugs: I haven’t done drugs in a year and a half and I can still take you to a place to score decent ganja from and a friend who will give you a contact for charas. Even acid isn’t very difficult to get, so if illegal substances that were never legal are easy to get, we can’t expect addicts used to buying their hourly kick on the street to give up their habit, and certainly not on account of how bad for their health it is, because smoking a cigarette or beedi is far worse as others have to put up with it.

India really needs to stop playing these childish games to entertain itself, because no ban has ever worked, or will, unless the laws get strict and the punishment gets harsh. On the contrary, banning has made the banned more precious. All that is banned or illegal is now done at higher costs. Prostitution, dance/ladies bars, public smoking, gutkha consumption, and the sale of alcohol on dry days – it’s all on, it had never stopped, and it gives the people a different kind of high.


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Bhagsu Cake

A thing about travelling is that it makes you do things you normally wouldn’t. After a rather lousy breakfast at the German Bakery in Dharamshala, I felt it would be pointless not trying the famous Bhagsu Cake. What’s special about Bhagsu Cake is that it’s crunchy like a biscuit at the bottom, has caramel as the middle layer, and chocolate on top. I don’t consider anything sweet worth tasting, but I wanted to have my Bhagsu Cake and eat it too. It’s not bad at all, and I might’ve been able to appreciate it better if I were still a stoner. Those addicted to sweet stuff will enjoy getting their rush from a chunk of this sugary junk.

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