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Music Review: Priyanka Chopra – In My City

Joining the long list of auto-tuned singers who make mediocre bubble-gum pop music is Bollywood’s Priyanka Chopra. Once my favourite, PC is taking herself down the drain by doing everything possible to stay afloat in a film industry which can’t make up its mind about whether to use her talent as in arty films or exploit her looks by casting her in commercial crap. Priyanka herself seems to be confused about what to do, and as a result has been underwhelming in the offbeat movies she’s been selecting, and has now come to us in the garb of a singer, with her single “In My City”.

In My City has Priyanka Chopra welcoming everybody to her city for hell-knows-what reason, considering it’s already overpopulated, and to party, of all the reasons. Helping her usher the world’s moronic teens into amchi Mumbai is, who couldn’t come up with anything creative to do with his name.

“We do it all night long,” sings Priyanka Chopra, talking about partying, of course – but that’s a lie, considering we have policemen disciplining even roadside stalls before midnight. Priyanka could also be talking about having sex all night long, but it sounds like a fake promise going by the low energy of the song. The zeal is obviously fake, the energy is clearly low, and the song neither catchy nor worth a second listen.

That Salman Khan heard it thrice back to back itself says a lot. That guy can’t act and neither does he understand music. He makes Sajid-Wajid work in all his brainless movies, so you can’t really take him seriously. Only Salman Khan can appreciate and be moved by the boorish tunes Himesh Reshammiya comes up with, so yeah.

Anyway, Priyanka Chopra’s In My City is a crap song; it sounds manufactured and will please only the masses who will be thrilled because it sounds western. Look at Priyanka’s behaviour and you’ll notice she’s got a massive Cheryl Tweedy-Cole hangover.

RATING: 1.5/5

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