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Meow Meow, sold as crystal meth, fast rising as top drug in India

“It makes me feel perfect,” says a friend who is always ready to experience new drugs. “It makes everything in my life and the world seem alright.” But my friend was unperturbed when I told him the drug he’d described to me was meow meow, not “crystal meth” and gave me more details. Apparently, Meow Meow is fast rising as the top drug in India, sold by dealers in Goa and Mumbai to youngsters. Meow Meow is the new speed, for the use of (a prototype of) speed was widely abused by youngsters of the previous generation. But unlike speed, Meow Meow (also known as Chow) can’t be purchased from a chemist shop. Most dealers who sell you cocaine and other expensive drugs will surely have “meow meow” to offer you, as it is a highly addictive drug which will bring the seller great profits. Just one use of meow (mephedrone) is enough to convince the user that it is one of the best experiences of their life, and one gram of the powder provides enough doses to make sure you will seek the drug out again very soon.

WARNING: The whisky you’re drinking at Kabeela Bar & Kitchen may not be the one you ordered!

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