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Complete Lyrics To Solar Deity’s ‘The Darkness Of Being’


Circling The Moon

Towards The Horizon

The Birth Of A Star


Solar Deity Lyrics: Circling The Moon

Black Scorpion

Out to conquer

Crawled on burning sand

Parched as the summer

Across the lands

Without fear

Venomous from the moment of birth

To the edge of the earth!

Endless rainfall

Quenched the man’s thirst

Dived in the deepest

The mightiest ocean

Against the tide

Defying the current

Swam away from the shore

To the end of the sea!

Beek vina, bhay vina

krodh vina, lobh vina

vehm vina, shanka vina

khot vina, ant vina

Dhyaan mate, jeet mate

gyaan mate, swad mate

jor mate, shakti mate

budhdhi mate, kirti mate


Solar Deity Lyrics: Towards The Horizon

See the dancing stars

How they laugh

As I exhale

Clouds of grey

They keep me floating

High above the sky

But don’t let me fly away

A glass of water

Is all I ask

To live this endless journey

A voyage that carries me

Away from you

And the skies

And the seas

I dream of all the fields

How they were crossed

While summer was burning

Surreal beauty

A state of bliss

I still cannot believe

To this day

But how cruelly

I was crushed

As the hand of time

Turned its wheel

And left me to mourn

The demise

Of all that we believed

To be real


Solar Deity Lyrics: The Birth Of A Star

Onward moves the man who never fails
Beaten up by life, weighed down by chains
Destined to lose
King of all fools
The jester laughs aloud to hide his pain

Home is a now place I can’t return
To the warmth of the fire that burns
My quest for
Victory in war
Honour is that which a man must earn

It gets lonely, cold and dark
No angel, no god to draw strength from
I’m sheltered by the clouds
As the skies scream my name
And give me a new sun to rise to

Oh my god

Alone as the child who never prayed
A flower makes its place beside the grave
Defeated hope
A story untold
A boy who no one will come back to save

How I would love to be loved again
Shielded by your love from seasons of pain
Cremated one
Buried in thought
Evenings shelter memories from the rain

It gets lonely, cold and dark
No angel, no god to draw strength from
My kingdom will come tonight
With the crown and the throne
For eternity in flames I’m reborn

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