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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Alone

If anyone ever tells you that drinking alone is an early sign of alcoholism, just tell them to fuck off.

10 months after quitting alcohol, it is even more clear why drinking alone is not only not a bad thing but a privilege. Drinkers of alcohol should consider it their right to drink without the company of people, for it is only when you’re throwing back drinks all by yourself that you can truly experience the greatness of alcohol in all its wonder and reap the mental and physical benefits of imbibing. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to not answer phone calls even from other booze hounds who can’t handle their own company and will bore you till the end of time. Why the fuck should you be with people who can’t be by themselves? Given that alcohol is a social lubricant that helps forge bonds instantly, it needs to be told that having people around every time you’re downing a few pegs can be bad for your health. Because it’s terrible to have to sit around after you’re done for the evening only because it would be rude of you to get up and leave when the others still have a few more to go. Also, such situations make you consume more alcohol than you otherwise would, because it’s so boring to sit around and watch others drink. In short, you’re stuck in a smoke-filled bar drinking beyond your capacity because you don’t want to seem impolite. Even worse than that is the bullshit you have to endure: people who used to drink can understand how people can become after a few beers and not make a big deal of it, but some drunks will let you know at least nine times in the three precious hours of your life you’re spending trying to make sense of the wisdom they’re spouting that you used to be more likeable when you were a booze hound, even though you won’t hurt their feelings by letting them know that if it weren’t for their inebriated state, you’d be utilizing your time doing something you actually enjoy instead of pretending you were taking everything they said seriously and that you could’ve had dinner when you got hungry at a restaurant that serves food worth eating. So, if anyone ever tells you that drinking alone is an early sign of alcoholism, just tell them to fuck off, because it’s better to have a couple of whiskies with only your thoughts or a book for company and then retire to bed at a respectable hour than feel trapped in a circle of morons who think they have you in rapt attention. Yes, I’m still off the sauce.

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Wise Guy: A Shop for Metal Clothing and Accessories in Bangalore

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On the 1st floor of Fifth Avenue on Brigade Road in Bangalore is a store that sells tee shirts of almost every metal band you can think of. From punk and alternative bands’ t-shirts to heavy metal and thrash metal chains, Wise Guy has it all. Fans of extreme metal will feel like buying everything they see as the guys at Wise Guy show them their black metal/death metal/doom metal/grindcore/goregrind collection. It’s Bangkok maal, not original merchandise, but it’s great stuff, and they have some cool accessories as well. I walked in only to take a look, but as soon as I wore the inverted crucifix I saw hanging there with other awesome things to wear around the neck, I felt possessed by a demonic force and bought seven metal tees along with the ulta cross. I love Wise Guy and I’ll go there every time I’m in Bangalore, and so should you if you want some bad-ass metal clothing!

F – 116/117, 1st Floor, Brigade Road, Bengaluru – 01

Phone: 25582919/25598971

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Restaurant Review: Unwined (Bangalore)

In Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, the cheesy sounding restaurant Unwined is easy to locate from Ring Road. From the outside it seems to be tiny but is much bigger than you’d imagine it to be; I couldn’t see all of it despite having been there twice. On the ground floor are the dining rooms with their old-world charm and the first floor is the lounge section; the place is a classy setting for meals with wine (or beer – they stock only one brand), a restaurant to go to for a quiet time with or without many people, if you’re in the mood for continental or coastal fare, and the food’s quite good, too. The burgers are filling, the sizzlers are very good, but it’s the steak that takes the cake at Unwined – a restaurant which would be even more appealing if they didn’t play any music at all, because its furniture and set pieces make it a very stylish place to dine at.

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Farewell, Jaspal Bhatti

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A FLOP (slide)SHOW for an amazing satirist!


Review: Tiamat’s ‘The Scarred People’ is an absolutely splendid album

Of all the extreme metal bands which drastically changed their style, fans of music have benefited most from Tiamat‘s transformation from ancient death metal to gothic rock. The metamorphosis resulted in fabulous albums of atmospheric metal – one of them being A Deeper Kind Of Slumber, the best psychedelic music my ears have ever heard, and an album that ranks very high on my list of music to listen to just before dying.

Roger Öjersson, the guitarist of the absolutely amazing Tiamat, is a man I’m guilty of not giving enough respect to, because I’ve been extremely busy praising Johan Edlund, the dude who writes the trippiest lyrics on the planet and sings songs that will make your girlfriend leave you and run to him.

Tiamat have always had their formula perfect, and they’ve always known how to create something new with it every time, something brilliant each time. Which is why I won’t waste your time talking about songs and all that, because your precious time should be spent loving Tiamat, as you listen to their latest album The Scarred People, and as you go back in time and discover priceless gems in their discography.

Johan Edlund has a voice anybody can hopelessly fall in love with, whether he’s singing about a woman or being possessed by drugs or is simply ranting about religion. For your information, Johan Edlund is the genius I daydream about impressing when I sing clean vocals, and Tiamat is one of the two bands (the other being Burzum) directly responsible for anything ‘atmospheric’ I create. Do I even need to say anything else? Yeah, I do. Tiamat have made yet another album for you to lose yourself in, so do yourself a very big favour and treat your ears to The Scarred People.



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Beer Review: Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel


Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel is the third beer from Kaiserdom I’ve tried so far, and so far so good. Mehta gave me a pint of this stuff a helluva long time ago, which I drank, then pissed out of my system, and because of exams and work and all those terrible things that happen to good people, I postponed reviewing it until the taste of alcohol had washed off not just my tongue, but also my memory. Thank fuck for Living Liquidz though. You’ll find yourselves a pint of this sweet, black, malty drink at their branch in Pali Naka, Bandra West. And I suggest you guys hurry there before I beat you to it, because this is certainly one of the most unique beers I’ve had recently. I’d never tasted a dunkel before, but if this particular one is anything to go by, there’s not much difference between that and a good stout; I’m thinking of Murphy’s Irish, if you’re looking for standards. The dunkel’s appearance is surprising. It pours much darker than the bottle lets on, with no head whatsoever and smells like the best goddamn cup of coffee you’ve never had. To drink, it feels a bit thin, but the flavors develop interestingly enough to hold your interest. It starts malty, with strong notes of roasted coffee, and maybe, I think, chocolate and… toast? It’s overpoweringly sweet to begin with, despite which it leaves behind an all too familiar greasy aftertaste that reminds me of that disgusting marmite shit my dad used to eat on bread. One word: yeast.

October’s almost over, people; brace yourselves. Winter’s coming. Buy a bottle or two of Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel and save ‘em for a chilly night on the terrace when you’re also packing a few booms of quality #. This is the perfect beer for the winter, and I suggest you stock up.

Rating: 3/5

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Album Review: Bevar Sea (2012)


Bengaluru-based Bevar Sea‘s new full-length made me explore the roots of heavy, sludg-y bands. Having heard the likes of Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Pentagram (the American band), I knew what stoner/doom metal was like. While reading through the band’s bio, there were names of influences the band wears proudly on its sleeve. One of them was Sleep. I got Sleep‘s music to try on a whim, not really expecting it to blow my mind or anything, but it completely did. I’m talking particularly about their last effort(s), the Dopesmoker/Jerusalem albums. The 63-minute-long song made for an intense listening experience, with its recurring motifs and groovy drumming. That took it to a different level altogether! It was heavy, as it should be. I realized then that one does not have to be fast or technical to make it sound brutal. These guys were doing ambitious music for their time, but were unlucky because the band split due to issues with the record label.

Bevar Sea brings in many of Sleep‘s qualities as an act. The slow heaviness, lengthy passages, and a desire to make true classic metal. They channel a melodic, bluesy sound in their riffs, like in ‘Universal Sleeper’. The concept of ‘Abishtu’, an outlaw biker who tortures hipsters at night is pretty cool too. The 17-minute long jam ‘Mono Gnome’ brings the 4 song album to a close. There are some audible production issues, like mic feedback and bad guitar tones in parts. An ambitious release, no doubt, with probably not many takers. In a time when kids in the country are getting into all kinds of trendy music, the band’s debut provides a much needed old-school and genuine heavy-metal vibe to the scene.

Listen to the album in its entirety here. Go to their album launch gig in Thane.

Stoner metal is a terrible title for a metal sub-genre, by the way. Almost as bad as djent.

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