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Concert Review: Slayer in Bangalore, India

Photos by Nikita Shah, Ashwin Dutt, Aashay Samant and Yash Pathak

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“Namaste,” he said, joining his hands in the traditional Indian way of greeting, “I want to thank you all for coming here tonight.” Rarely has Tom Araya been known to smile, but Saturday evening gave him a reason to use that facial expression several times. Opening with the title track of their latest, and down a few classics, Slayer delivered a punch with a relatively newer song. The assault then went uphill as Kerry King, bald and tattooed and reliable as ever, swung his axe and nodded his head as his legendary band played terrific songs that have enthralled us for years. Most would say Dave Lombardo stole the show with his high-energy performance, and even though I love Paul Bostaph more, the original Slayer drummer was thundering, to say the least. “Shukriya, mere dosto”, said Araya, in that only voice which can silence Satan Himself, and the gods left the stage briefly as the crowd, which had head-banged and moshed like never before, chanted the band’s name in unison, knowing very well that the thrash kings would be back for an encore. Gary Holt, filling in for Jeff Hanneman, played his guitar like the master he is, soloing the hell out with that Exodus wristband on his right arm. The setlist is unimportant, as is this review which has been written only to tell you that there were no stars above us because the mighty Slayer blew every single one of them out of the sky that night, and to let Tom Araya know that he doesn’t need to tell us that he’ll keep us “for-fuckin’-ever”, because we’ve always belonged to Slayer.


Solar Deity’s The Darkness Of Being (Atmospheric Black Metal)

Solar Deity’s Snowless (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal)

Solar Deity’s In The Name Of Satan (Satanic Black Metal)

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