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Beer Review: Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel


Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel is the third beer from Kaiserdom I’ve tried so far, and so far so good. Mehta gave me a pint of this stuff a helluva long time ago, which I drank, then pissed out of my system, and because of exams and work and all those terrible things that happen to good people, I postponed reviewing it until the taste of alcohol had washed off not just my tongue, but also my memory. Thank fuck for Living Liquidz though. You’ll find yourselves a pint of this sweet, black, malty drink at their branch in Pali Naka, Bandra West. And I suggest you guys hurry there before I beat you to it, because this is certainly one of the most unique beers I’ve had recently. I’d never tasted a dunkel before, but if this particular one is anything to go by, there’s not much difference between that and a good stout; I’m thinking of Murphy’s Irish, if you’re looking for standards. The dunkel’s appearance is surprising. It pours much darker than the bottle lets on, with no head whatsoever and smells like the best goddamn cup of coffee you’ve never had. To drink, it feels a bit thin, but the flavors develop interestingly enough to hold your interest. It starts malty, with strong notes of roasted coffee, and maybe, I think, chocolate and… toast? It’s overpoweringly sweet to begin with, despite which it leaves behind an all too familiar greasy aftertaste that reminds me of that disgusting marmite shit my dad used to eat on bread. One word: yeast.

October’s almost over, people; brace yourselves. Winter’s coming. Buy a bottle or two of Kaiserdom Alt Bamberg Dunkel and save ‘em for a chilly night on the terrace when you’re also packing a few booms of quality #. This is the perfect beer for the winter, and I suggest you stock up.

Rating: 3/5

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