Review: Tiamat’s ‘The Scarred People’ is an absolutely splendid album

Of all the extreme metal bands which drastically changed their style, fans of music have benefited most from Tiamat‘s transformation from ancient death metal to gothic rock. The metamorphosis resulted in fabulous albums of atmospheric metal – one of them being A Deeper Kind Of Slumber, the best psychedelic music my ears have ever heard, and an album that ranks very high on my list of music to listen to just before dying.

Roger Öjersson, the guitarist of the absolutely amazing Tiamat, is a man I’m guilty of not giving enough respect to, because I’ve been extremely busy praising Johan Edlund, the dude who writes the trippiest lyrics on the planet and sings songs that will make your girlfriend leave you and run to him.

Tiamat have always had their formula perfect, and they’ve always known how to create something new with it every time, something brilliant each time. Which is why I won’t waste your time talking about songs and all that, because your precious time should be spent loving Tiamat, as you listen to their latest album The Scarred People, and as you go back in time and discover priceless gems in their discography.

Johan Edlund has a voice anybody can hopelessly fall in love with, whether he’s singing about a woman or being possessed by drugs or is simply ranting about religion. For your information, Johan Edlund is the genius I daydream about impressing when I sing clean vocals, and Tiamat is one of the two bands (the other being Burzum) directly responsible for anything ‘atmospheric’ I create. Do I even need to say anything else? Yeah, I do. Tiamat have made yet another album for you to lose yourself in, so do yourself a very big favour and treat your ears to The Scarred People.



Solar Deity’s In The Name Of Satan (Raw Satanic Black Metal from India)

Solar Deity’s Snowless (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal from India)

Solar Deity’s The Darkness Of Being (Atmospheric Black Metal from India)

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