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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Alone

If anyone ever tells you that drinking alone is an early sign of alcoholism, just tell them to fuck off.

10 months after quitting alcohol, it is even more clear why drinking alone is not only not a bad thing but a privilege. Drinkers of alcohol should consider it their right to drink without the company of people, for it is only when you’re throwing back drinks all by yourself that you can truly experience the greatness of alcohol in all its wonder and reap the mental and physical benefits of imbibing. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to not answer phone calls even from other booze hounds who can’t handle their own company and will bore you till the end of time. Why the fuck should you be with people who can’t be by themselves? Given that alcohol is a social lubricant that helps forge bonds instantly, it needs to be told that having people around every time you’re downing a few pegs can be bad for your health. Because it’s terrible to have to sit around after you’re done for the evening only because it would be rude of you to get up and leave when the others still have a few more to go. Also, such situations make you consume more alcohol than you otherwise would, because it’s so boring to sit around and watch others drink. In short, you’re stuck in a smoke-filled bar drinking beyond your capacity because you don’t want to seem impolite. Even worse than that is the bullshit you have to endure: people who used to drink can understand how people can become after a few beers and not make a big deal of it, but some drunks will let you know at least nine times in the three precious hours of your life you’re spending trying to make sense of the wisdom they’re spouting that you used to be more likeable when you were a booze hound, even though you won’t hurt their feelings by letting them know that if it weren’t for their inebriated state, you’d be utilizing your time doing something you actually enjoy instead of pretending you were taking everything they said seriously and that you could’ve had dinner when you got hungry at a restaurant that serves food worth eating. So, if anyone ever tells you that drinking alone is an early sign of alcoholism, just tell them to fuck off, because it’s better to have a couple of whiskies with only your thoughts or a book for company and then retire to bed at a respectable hour than feel trapped in a circle of morons who think they have you in rapt attention. Yes, I’m still off the sauce.

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