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Music Review: Newsted – Metal

Newsted - Metal (EP 2013)

Jason Newsted’s new band has released what sounds like Metallica’s Load without the masterly songwriting. The bassist even sings like James Hetfield.

To the brainless boobs who have been going around saying Jason Newsted’s new band’s debut EP is better than anything Metallica has released in the last 20 years, answer ask yourselves this question: How is Newsted‘s Metal different from Metallica‘s Load? Yeah, stop looking at each other – I’ll tell you: Newsted doesn’t have Metallica‘s songwriting skills. Quit gawking, motherfuckers, because Jason Newsted’s new band hasn’t done anything worth even a second listen. It’s limp-wristed, watered down metal, unfit to be labelled as thrash metal – four songs that even Lou Reed might find weak. It’s not as bad as fucking Lulu, but that doesn’t mean anything. Fucking idiots who got swayed by public opinion so much that they didn’t give Load a good listen – it’s brilliant songwriting, even if it’s nothing like the ‘Tallica‘s early attacks, and it has some great songs – so I’m asking you again: How is the heaviest thing you can find on Newsted‘s Metal better than the worst feature you’ve been trashing Load for? But it could be that Jason only wants to jam with two other guys and have fun and isn’t out to cock a snook at Metallica, so if you want to hate on the ‘Tallica, wait till Newsted at least attempts to reach that level.


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