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Movie Review: Race 2

race2posterThe sequel to Race is all glamour and no excitement

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Amisha Patel

jacqueline fernandez for race 2“What’s going on out there?”, asks the puzzled voice from the cockpit, as the villain shoots bullets through most of the parachute bags and this luckless pilot’s head. The question arises in your mind as well, as the protagonist’s motives become clear after an hour of heavy gambles in casinos, a train robbery, a car chase, a bit of archery, some fencing and the glamorous cast demonstrating its shrewdness. The proving of everybody’s craftiness doesn’t stop here or at any point, of course, as devious minds outwit each other by way of changing sides and staying ahead of everyone else’s double-dealing.

Deception is expected – and it’s all too predictable, especially if you’ve seen Race (from 2008, with Akshaye Khanna superbly playing the scheming brother), and the humour quotient too remains at that unfunny level. Street fighters in a death match and women who all but display their snatch provide enough glamour but no excitement; fast and furious it may be, but there are no thrills in Race 2.

jacqueline-fernandez-in-race-2-movie-10A rich man out for revenge wants to send another money-hungry man back to poverty uses many ploys to do so; a fruit-loving ex-cop who’ll do anything for cash mostly chiding his ultra dumb (and ultra sexy) secretary – her name is Cherry, and guess what he eventually must pop – Race 2 doesn’t have the seriousness of Abbas-Mustan’s 2008 superhit thriller even though it has the same ingredients, and some more: a pack of cards that can be manipulated by an electronic device and other equally weird gadgets. What “Race 2” doesn’t have is a story thick enough to drive the actors.

The midair climax has got to be the height of absurdity of this plot which was supposed to peak with the Shroud of Turin heist (from the Church of Turin, of course), with a car smashing through a side of the burning plane on its way to crashing into a mountain, and the four-wheeler sprouting parachutes to ensure the two people who must survive land safely and thus make possible the idea of Race 3. There is only one reason to watch Race 2.
jacquelinefernandezRATING: 2/5

Coming soon… Django Unchained review.

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