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‘The Attacks of 26/11’ Movie Review: RGV’s film will leave you shocked and angry

theattacksof2611Cast: Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal

The-Attacks-of-26-11As much as I want to say Ram Gopal Varma has made a very good movie after a very long time, it’s hard to call “The Attacks of 26/11” a ‘good’ film because of what is about. As much as RGV may have wanted to fuck with the story he couldn’t do it, so he painstakingly gathered all the information and has presented the chilling facts of the 2008 terror attacks. The Attacks Of 26/11 takes you with Mohammed Amir Ajmal Kasab and his cohorts from Pakistani seas to what they did in Mumbai as narrated by Joint Commissioner Rakesh Maria. Unlike other RGV movies The Attacks Of 26/11 doesn’t give a chance to the director to shake his camera or throw in an item number but Ram Gopal Varma does manage to get a couple of actors to overact. Sanjeev Jaiswal plays Ajmal Kasab and while he seems to remain true to the character of the brainwashed Lashkar-E-Taiba terrorist for most part, his post-interrogation impudence is hard to digest. Nobody – and certainly not Ajmal Kasab – could be cheeky after being slapped by Mumbai cops. Most people would lose their sense of hearing in that chosen ear, so yeah.

the-attacks-0f-26-11_nana_patekarNana Patekar, though, remains in fine form throughout the film. As the stunned Joint Commissioner who is clueless as to how to save his cursed city as the damage unfolds and gets bigger before his eyes, and later as the composed cop deposing in court, Patekar does full justice to his role. RGV too should be commended for gathering all the data and statistics and portraying a detailed account of the attacks without indulging himself as he is wont to.

The Attacks of 26/11 is a film that will shock and anger you and even leave you questioning how safe you are. While plush hotels now take all the necessary precautions, imagine how protected you will be if a unit of men opens fire at the pub you and your friends are downing drinks at. Think of what will happen if a suicide bomber blows himself/herself up at the railway station while you’re waiting for the damned train to show up.

That’s right – be angry, and ask that question.


Film Review: Silver Linings Playbook


slpposter“Silver Linings Playbook” (A) well that’s a lot of words to remember for a movie title. But guess what this is a true romantic comedy Classic that none of you movie aficionados should miss out now that it has been released in India. To latecomers, Jennifer Lawrence recently won the Best Actress Oscar for her mind-blowing role as the socially inept nymphomaniac, Tiffany.

I’m glad I went to watch this film with very low expectations (wrongly believing it to be a sex comedy), and boy was I proved wrong what an epic performance by all actors! There were so many shades of grey no black and white; you’d actually feel the characters up, close and personal just the way we all are in real life. Chief protagonist Bradley Cooper delivered perfectly in his role as Pat, an asylum patient + bipolar disorder control freak + morally upright, ethical man. His father, played by none other than Robert de Niro has multiple avatars – possessive, crazy, superstitious but a character you’d love nonetheless.

Indian audience will love the presence of Anupam Kher as the psychiatrist friend of our main protagonist, Pat (Bradley Cooper).
Unlike other Indian actors who are wasted in Hollywood as sidekicks or villains, I think Anupam’s role was quite meaty and memorable.

Other significant characters include Pat’s best friend, Danny, played by Chris Tucker who in a dance sequence, funnily asks Pat to “black it up” a bit. There’s also Julia Stiles of Save the Last Dance fame in a cameo as the owner of a henpecked husband. I only realized towards the end that the movie was a star-studded affair with so many leading actors and actresses.

slpHowever, the real showstopper was Jennifer Lawrence; to say I was left speechless at her mind-blowing performance would be an understatement, I really felt like giving her a standing applause. I wouldn’t reveal more of her Oscar-winning performance or the plot details for you really must find out on your own.

And just one humble suggestion, don’t look this movie up on Television, Wikipedia, IMDb or Youtube trailers. Book your ticket in a nice multiplex like PVR or Big Cinemas for a Friday-Saturday night. Better still some kind of exclusive club class tickets which will weed out stupid, tone deaf co-audience members, have the company of a girlfriend or a group of like-minded friends and this will be your perfect way to end a well-planned evening.

Review: “The Attacks of 26/11” will leave you shocked and angry

Janak Samtani’s Movie Review: Kai Po Che

FOOD: See our Dish of the Year 2012


Film Review: Kai Po Che


Kai Po Che is a film about people and their relationships, carrying their joys and vulnerabilities; aspirations and determination. It is about the people who have had at least an aim and they have been honest in its pursuit. We see our own stories unfold on the screen. In the last few years I have seen plenty of films coming from the Hindi film industry made around friends, but none I can remember where glamour has been kept out; the characters so believable and striving in their youth to become independent. The film which I last saw showing this was Ankush (1986).

kai-po-che-movie-poster-480x262The film has several plots which revolve around three friends Ishaan, Omi and Govind, who have grown up together and are now in their youth. And in turn these friends revolve around a game which gets our entire nation absolutely crazy: cricket. They all have different personalities, varied strengths and weaknesses, but share a strong attachment with each other. While one understands the game, second is good in mathematics and other sorts out the finances. All this puts together a business plan and With their passion & conviction they set out to make a mark.

While in the first half where their passions are driving them, in the second half the characters get mercilessly tested by circumstances. Each of them fall into obligations, fighting the circumstances to stay together and struggle to keep their dreams alive.

Kai Po Che is shot in the old city of Ahmedabad, in its beautiful pols and narrow lanes. I’ve visited the old city on a trip and have to say they have done justice in showing the old city to the audience for the course of the film. The best part in terms of selection of locations is that the film does not go outside Ahmedabad, even limiting it to few select places so the audience focuses on the characters and does not have to get familiar with new locations.

Kai-Po-Che-2013-Movie-New-First-Look-Poster-Pictures-wallpapersThere is no ‘star’ cast in the film. All the actors suit their roles and I did not see anyone underperform their character. The roles of family & community members, society figures, leaders to masses have been portrayed in a very realistic manner and have shown how their expectations and actions can change lives of innocent people, intentionally and unintentionally.

I am walking a tight line here while writing the review by not making references; which if i did could reveal plots. I will like you to see it without expectations and get surprised how plots keep building up through the film and then getting connected at the end.

This film is adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s ‘The Three Mistakes of my Life’. I have not read the book hence this review is purely on what I saw in the film.

“Kai Po Che” is metaphorically used as the film name to show how circumstances test and defy us on our way to achieve our life’s pursuits.

It is a must watch so hope you make it in time to watch it on the big screen.

Review: “The Attacks of 26/11″ will leave you shocked and angry


Dish of the Year 2012

[Since I’m feeling too lazy to make the Golden Mango/Black Stool awards lists now…]

iliyasbhaiNever had I thought I’d feel this way about a restaurant chain, but Jafferbhai’s Delhi Darbar is the place the carnivore in me cannot have enough of. JBDD is the standard by which I judge all Mughlai restaurants, and though not everything they have excites me, their specialties are unparalleled in Mumbai. The food at all JBDD outlets tastes exactly the same because it is made in the same blessed place and then sent out to all their branches. Jafferbhai’s Delhi Darbar pride themselves on being “The Biryani Kings of Mumbai”, and rightfully so, and here’s Iliyasbhai (from the Lokhandwala JBDD which I frequent) with the dish he loudly and confidently orders for me as soon as I walk in – my favourite mutton preparation: Dum Ki Chop.

Food Review: Jafferbhai’s Delhi Darbar

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Vegetarian Food Review: Sheesha Sky Lounge (Juhu)

It’s just a name; Sheesha Sky Lounge has no view to offer except one of the lounge itself, which you can look around at as much as you like because there is hardly anyone ever around. Tables are wiped and the seating is dusted; Sheesha Sky Lounge waits for diners to show up to make the sections ready but the moisture from the sea is too much, and the sofas are damp and smelly. We opt for a another table and it’s slightly wet as well but at least the wooden chairs don’t stink. The bartender is behind the bar but there’s no one at it and the waiters are finding it awkward to have people in their restaurant. The huge TV screen showing a cricket match does nothing for us, so we select an ordinary lager from the drinks menu, which has an impressive collection of spirits and wines and no good beer. The food is unexpectedly good; my mother is rarely impressed with starters in most such places but says it’s the best paneer she’s had at a restaurant in a long time, and she likes the potato starter even better. The main course is excellent: the black dal, vegetable Kolhapuri and breads are nearly perfect. [I got to try only the vegetarian fare at Sheesha Sky Lounge as I went there with the family, and I won’t be going back to sample the meat kababs and other non-vegetarian food unless the place gets cheaper, which means that was my first and last meal at Sheesha Sky Lounge, Juhu.]

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Mumbai doesn’t give a shit about Bharat Bandh

citymapAfter a very long time Mumbai has pulled its balls out and is behaving like Bombay. The two-day nationwide bandh seems to have the city unaffected as even the school next to my house is on as usual, singing their shitty school anthem which teaches children to be servile towards the whole wide world. Instead of being subservient these little motherfuckers swear like sailors and often kick the shit out of each other as soon as the school bell rings, which is fine by me. So there is no bandh because Mumbai/Bombay just doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of the country the exact same way the universe doesn’t give a shit about you or Paulo Coelho.

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All-India Strike News: Bharat Bandh on Wednesday and Thursday (February 20, 21)

beerLike it or not, we’re getting a couple of days off this week as India will observe two-day Bharat bandh tomorrow (Wednesday, 20th February) and the day after (Thursday, 21st February). 2013 is already sounding good, and I suggest visiting the nearest liquor store today because wine shops will be shut during the nationwide bandh (duh!) and thirst strikes without warning!

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