Film Review: Kai Po Che


Kai Po Che is a film about people and their relationships, carrying their joys and vulnerabilities; aspirations and determination. It is about the people who have had at least an aim and they have been honest in its pursuit. We see our own stories unfold on the screen. In the last few years I have seen plenty of films coming from the Hindi film industry made around friends, but none I can remember where glamour has been kept out; the characters so believable and striving in their youth to become independent. The film which I last saw showing this was Ankush (1986).

kai-po-che-movie-poster-480x262The film has several plots which revolve around three friends Ishaan, Omi and Govind, who have grown up together and are now in their youth. And in turn these friends revolve around a game which gets our entire nation absolutely crazy: cricket. They all have different personalities, varied strengths and weaknesses, but share a strong attachment with each other. While one understands the game, second is good in mathematics and other sorts out the finances. All this puts together a business plan and With their passion & conviction they set out to make a mark.

While in the first half where their passions are driving them, in the second half the characters get mercilessly tested by circumstances. Each of them fall into obligations, fighting the circumstances to stay together and struggle to keep their dreams alive.

Kai Po Che is shot in the old city of Ahmedabad, in its beautiful pols and narrow lanes. I’ve visited the old city on a trip and have to say they have done justice in showing the old city to the audience for the course of the film. The best part in terms of selection of locations is that the film does not go outside Ahmedabad, even limiting it to few select places so the audience focuses on the characters and does not have to get familiar with new locations.

Kai-Po-Che-2013-Movie-New-First-Look-Poster-Pictures-wallpapersThere is no ‘star’ cast in the film. All the actors suit their roles and I did not see anyone underperform their character. The roles of family & community members, society figures, leaders to masses have been portrayed in a very realistic manner and have shown how their expectations and actions can change lives of innocent people, intentionally and unintentionally.

I am walking a tight line here while writing the review by not making references; which if i did could reveal plots. I will like you to see it without expectations and get surprised how plots keep building up through the film and then getting connected at the end.

This film is adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s ‘The Three Mistakes of my Life’. I have not read the book hence this review is purely on what I saw in the film.

“Kai Po Che” is metaphorically used as the film name to show how circumstances test and defy us on our way to achieve our life’s pursuits.

It is a must watch so hope you make it in time to watch it on the big screen.

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10 Responses to “Film Review: Kai Po Che”

  1. February 25, 2013 at 03:08

    I loved this movie! And it was wonderful to see gujaratis portrayed so realistically on celluloid and not just as dhokala related jokes 😀


  2. February 25, 2013 at 03:24

    Those who’ve read the book and expect the same thing in Movie, ready to be disappointed. It’s just based and not adapted. The plot has been changed terribly. A good movie but not the one readers may expect.


  3. 3 Dhokla
    February 25, 2013 at 08:32

    What a shitty movie. Its more about chutyagiri that happens than it is about friendship. Don’t waste your time.


  4. February 25, 2013 at 19:20

    I heard it from a bunch of people, it’s a sweet movie based in Aapnu Amdavad (didn’t read Chetan Bhagat). However, Ahmedabad has sprawled far beyond the pols and Old City which today feel like abandoned ghettoes. A whole section of the town, the most historical portion, has been allowed to decay. Noone that I know of likes to venture out there except for bootlegged alcohol, cheap non-veg etc.


  5. 5 Ritesh Mayekar
    March 2, 2013 at 04:48

    Its a good movie that centres on friendship rather than ladka-ladki ka pyaar.


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