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Music Concert: Solar Deity, Albatross and Reptilian Death at Blue Frog on May 19, 2013

SD flyerIt’s Solar Deity‘s first concert in our hometown and we’ve got kickass bands to share the stage with at the best venue for live shows. Albatross will narrate tales of horror the traditional (heavy metal) way, and Reptilian Death are launching their new album. All three bands will have hot merchandise for sale, and this is the zero-bullshit-only-metal show you’ve been waiting for – a gig which promises you a night of Horror Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. This Blue Frog Metal Night is probably the only show Solar Deity will perform at in Mumbai this year, so if you want to hear us play all those songs you know where to be on May 19, 2013!

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Sayak Boral’s Review: Ek Thi Daayan


Imagine waking up to a knocking sound in the middle of the night, the person turns out to be a female with whom you had shared close, intimate experiences in the past (not necessarily sexual). It could be your ex-girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, favorite school teacher, personal secretary, yoga instructor, the prostitute who gave you a good time when you were feeling low 🙂 etc. This isn’t a dream. All these people are welcome in your life because so far, their influence has been benign and positive. Indeed, in their own myriad ways, they have shaped your personality making you the proud man you call yourself today. These females nurtured you as a sapling, inspired your success moments and presently create a beautiful existence for you wherever you are. Put it simply, your male life would be meaningless without their active collaboration and participation.

What if I through some occult powers, revealed you the dark, deep, dangerous and mysterious personality layers of these very females, something which would have stoked your curiosity but you were too busy to probe further. I didn’t. Being a curious child and now an adult who doesn’t rest till he gets to the crux of the matter, I always try to see more than what meets the eye. That English teacher who always marked me as a topper over other deserving students, that well-wishing mentor who mysteriously disappeared after I refused to cooperate with her, that spooky college girlfriend who would call at 3 AM every night making me feel uneasy and tormented. We broke up and I swore her off but after all these years, we’re back with each other although I’m trying to keep distance. Since all these individuals are absolutely real, I’m convinced they are permanent fixtures of my life. It’s difficult to shake them away or ignore their presence.

The premise of Ek thi Daayan precisely revolves around the concept of intimacy that you as male would share with all these genuine females that hover around you. Before we begin, you need to know some precise differences between daayans and chudails which I have gathered from discussions with many people. A daayan is usually attractive always the seductress, whereas a chudail, butt-ugly. The chudail may not be always bad, she may just want to be left alone near that old peepal tree outside the school canteen. The daayan is a lot sinister because what she’s really after is a virile man or male child who she would want to pull alongside her to the Underworld, so that the hapless creature is  forced to enjoy her company in eternal Hell. Is there a female with whom you would want to be eternally in Hell, now that’s a thought-provoking question really 🙂  

Serial-kisser Emraan Hashmi plays a magician with a gay-sounding name called Bobo the Baffler, a 36-year old man struggling with his nebulous past. He has no clues about how his sister and father died. So he has repeat hallucinations and flashbacks. Past life regression therapy takes him down the memory lane to a daayan encounter at his old flat in South Mumbai, a woman responsible for the death of his family members. Basically, that daayan comes back again to haunt him as he starts a new chapter in life. Simple story but watch it for a flawless execution and some superb twists and turns.

The ideas of familiarity and intimacy have a haunting appeal that makes for a bone-chilling movie experience. The opening credits greet you with this melodiously eerie and refreshing musical score “Lautungi Main”, sung by Rekha Bharadwaj, complete with sounds of crickets, dog howls and ghungroos. It talks of a woman making a promise to return to the man who had spurned her advances, here’s the link

In addition, the scriptwriters have borrowed Hollywood ideas like “666” and “LaVeyan Satanism” which were unneeded as they felt like artificial implants on a woman already blessed with large boobies (Mehta would be a better person to judge the depiction of Satanic rituals in the last scene). The concept of Daayan itself is such a novel one and has a pronouned, raw appeal for Indian-desi sensibilities. A scene has been lifted straight from Inception where the children and a grown-up Emraan Hashmi descend down an old elevator to the very depths and depravities of Hell!

I often heard from local folklore that daayan women haunt cemeteries in night, wear their hair in Rapunzel-like long plaits, take revenge on men that dared to spurn their advances, have their feet arranged in a reverse manner  and indulge in child sacrifice. But the more sinister ones are supposed to reside within the family or among you, in civilized existence. In your building compound. In your office. In the gym? Really, there’s a girl at my gym who seems to spend an inordinate time on each machine – be it treadmill, elliptical machines or cycles, she’s just on them like all day. Whether I show up on morning or evening, she just stays there everytime, possessed like a she-werewolf. I steer clear of her lest she meets my eyes.  Like I said, if you want a daayan, just start looking around you. Every woman has possible daayan potential, it’s just that most do not give vent to their innermost cravings. Yesterday I mentioned this idea to a close female that every woman has a bit of daayan in her, she didn’t disagree.

I guess my daayan expectations were more than fulfilled from this movie because the directors have researched deeply into the true origins of daayan folklore. My only disappoint was that typical of Indian moviemakers’ IQ level, the emergence of all these daayans happened very abruptly, an intelligent movie-maker would give you some subtle hints about the possible identity of the daayan without revealing too much. The transitions are equally important as the unfolding of story events. Don’t you agree with that statement?

One salient comedy highlight of this film: women with long hair worn in a pleat, you had better be careful. This film might incite some daayan-inflicted men to attack your jooda with a knife, that scene was really hilarious although I understand, a bit stupid and misogynistic.

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Beer Review: Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier

weihenstephanerpourLook at the head on this beer! Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier smells and tastes like bananas and bubble gum and even looks gorgeous! What a delicious wheat beer this is! I’m going to buy several of these because this has entered my list of to-drink-regularly beers on first sip! Excellent!

RATING: 4.5/5

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Music Review: As The Monster Becomes – Renascentia (2013)


As the Monster Becomes - Renascentia Album Cover Art - Size (500x500)Renascentia by As the Monster Becomes is an example of how much one can experiment with the technicality of Deathcore genre. The 6-track album is filled with a lot of sounds and a variety of styles while remaining mainly Deathcore. Highly inspired by Ring of Saturn and Viramemia, these guys seem more tempted by Ring Of Saturn‘s tone, but their structures and themes are pretty modernized and often easily transcend the deathcore style. Revelation is a ripping track, filled with double bass, break downs, delicious solos, and those keys in the background – it’s a juicy deathcore listen. Happy Easter, Jesus Will Not Respawn is a display of what band has done on the whole album: the psychedelic feel instantly kicking in with unhinged guitar pieces – at times it seems too fast to enjoy while having a toke. As The Monster Becomes have done very well in terms of creativity I would say this is not just an ordinary deathcore album; it is filled with its own sound, groovy melodies, head-numbing breakdowns and progressive nature. Renascentia could be just a showcase what these dudes have in them.

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Beer Review: London Pilsner Strong

lp london pilsner strongI couldn’t finish this one. London Pilsner Strong should have been just a stronger version of LP Mild, but this beer is sickening. Not only can I taste the alcohol but the drink feels thick and disgusting in my mouth. LP Strong fits right in the line of Indian beers people drink to get drunk. This stuff is undrinkable.

RATING: 1.5/5

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Food Review: Amit Da Dhaba (Vasai Highway)

dhabaNot all dhabas serve good or even decent food, as we recently found out at this place in Vasai. “Amit Hotal” reminded me of the time restaurants used to think they were hotels. Amit Da Dhaba serves London Pilsner Strong beer, and I wonder what restaurants have against LP Mild. Still, LP Strong is the best option when put amidst Kingfisher and other beers that are even worse, because if you’re drinking any of these beers it’s to get drunk, not for the taste.

dhaba 2Sitting on the cot, drinking the beer, looking at people who preferred eating at the table, we waited for the parathas, expecting something tantalizing, only to be underwhelmed. The paratha had nothing going for it, except the dollops of makhkhan (homemade butter) on it, and the fresh coriander-mint chutney that came with it. Despite cooking food the traditional way – slow and in an earthen tandoor, the food at Amit Da Dhaba was no fun to eat. The dal makhani was watery and the tandoori chicken wasn’t juicy and masaledaar enough.tandoor

So I realized that the use of older ways and storing food in large vessels doesn’t mean the cooking will be good.

dhaba 3There are countless dhabas on the Vasai Highway, and next time we’ll visit another one.

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Beer Review: London Black Cab Stout

londonblackcabstoutAnother impressive beer from Fuller’s, London Black Cab Stout is coffee black and has a light aroma of chocolate. The taste bursts bitter on the tongue: strong coffee, followed by sweet dark chocolate. Not too thin, not too thick – this medium bodied stout feels good in the mouth. Nicely complex; I’m enjoying the roasted malt flavour of London Black Cab Stout. I’d pick up another 500 ml bottle of this offering from Fuller’s anytime!

RATING: 3.5/5

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