Barefaced Liar


Last night I got an email from Aditya Mehta asking, did I “feel like writing about these guys?”, “these guys” meaning Barefaced Liar, that band from Delhi with a self-stated “truly unique sound” who’ve been around since 2002, writing songs with titles like “Unity” and “Glow” and “Mirage”. They’re a band that “adheres to convention, yet defies it”. 11 years since they formed, Barefaced Liar is still playing “tribute gigs” to The Beatles at Hard Rock Cafe. I do not particularly feel like writing about these guys, but I could always use the practice.

Plus, the band asked nicely.

The rest of Mehta’s email was an awkwardly, but politely, worded forward written by Bincy Babu, whose name is awkward to pronounce. Bincy Babu is not part of the band. He works, in fact, in “client servicing” for 10 Minutes to 1, “a Gurgaon based full service communication agency.” Bincy claims to be an “avid reader” of the blog, saying that he and the band “thoroughly enjoy it” and would Mehta Kya Kehta perhaps write about Barefaced Liar? Why thank you, Bincy. Of course we’ll write about the band. Bincy was also kind enough to link us to the band’s Facebook, Soundclound, Reverbnation and Twitter pages, even attaching a neat PDF document titled “Band Profile”, which reads a lot like those ‘Company Profile sections on corporate websites, only with more grammatical and spelling errors. ‘Violin’ is spelled as “Voilin” and, to whoever wrote that PDF, ‘Blues’, ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Classic Rock’ should’ve just been written as ‘blues’, ‘heavy metal’ and ‘classic rock’.

Scrolling through the ‘BFL’ Facebook page, I find that it is very regularly updated with the sort of content that makes for the latest commercial trend of inchoate and irrelevant of “social media campaigns”. A few tips for the band, in that regard, particularly because I’ve done enough devilish social media work myself.

1) Plain text is boring. Use an image. Every time.

2) Learn to fucking write. A good sentence is like a good guitar riff, and referring to Jeff Hanneman as “a legendary thrash metal guitarist of all times” doesn’t feel congruent with the sort of musical chops he had. Neither is it flattering to write about Ravi Shankar as “a master magician with Sitar and legend amongst all.”

3) On Facebook, there are way too many pictures of your frontmen.

4) Don’t link me to a Twitter page that has been inactive for two fucking years.

5) Get on fucking Twitter.

6) You need a more attractive logo and cover picture.

7) Please, create some original content.

8) Less AC / DC and Led Zep, more Barefaced Liar.

9) Less making yourselves look like fucking 9GAG.

As for how the band sounds… well, I don’t know, man. They sound like how a bunch of sell-outs are likely to sound. I saw them live, once, just once, in 2008 I think, at GIR Mumbai. I don’t remember a second of their performance. The stuff I heard on Soundcloud today does not refresh my memory. Whatever they’re doing, Barefaced Liar are most certainly not “traversing through genres ranging from Blues to Classic Rock and Heavy Metal, drawing inspiration from all of them to craft their own individual sound” and they do not sound like “blues- based modern rock riffs with sing-along choruses”, either.

Their “Hit New Single”, however, is “Blazing The Radios”, having already become a “top chart buster at 95 FM”.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go write about Reptilian Death because Sahil Makhija sent me an email requesting a review for the “amazing new release” headed my way.Image

2 Responses to “Barefaced Liar”

  1. May 7, 2013 at 04:20

    This makes me look forward to the Reptilian Death album review.


  2. 2 Asmo
    May 7, 2013 at 09:24

    Hahahahaha. I needed this today. Thanks,


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