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Review: Deeds Of Flesh – Portals To Canaan (2013)

The new album from the legendary technical/brutal death metal band is ridiculously amazing

deeds-of-flesh-portals-to-canaan-album-coverThe masters of technical brutal death metal are here, after five years that were very long for me, with their eight full-length album, and was it worth the wait? Absolutely yes. Before most other facts it should be made clear that I have been a huge fan of Deeds Of Flesh since I first heard them (and this was back when Exhumation was getting the first album ready) and I consider them one of my biggest death-metal influences and mention them in the same breath as Deicide, Morbid Angel, Immolation and Cannibal Corpse – yeah, that’s how great I think they are. The crazy riffs, the odd time changes, the unbelievably good bass-playing, the monstrous vocals, and the huge, fat, crushing sound – Deeds Of Flesh have always excited me like no other death metal band.

With the change in style Deeds Of Flesh brought with their previous album – 2008’s Of What’s To Come, I wasn’t sure how much more of a shift to expect from the new album, and even more so because of the line-up changes and the five-year gap, but we’re talking about the most consistently punishing death metal band I have ever heard, and these California butchers aren’t known for meandering towards anything that will not pulverize your world in one second, and Portals To Canaan is totally devastating.

Deeds-of-Flesh-band-2013Deeds Of Flesh present technical/brutal death metal like no other band, and Portals To Canaan is an overwhelming slab of music heavy enough to bludgeon you pigeons. The frenzied riffing and diabolical vocal performance by Erik Lindmark, the insanely skillful bass lines (Ivan Munguia), the drumming (Mike fucking Hamilton!) and the addition of Craig Peters’ razor-sharp soloing have created a work of extreme metal worthy of listening to for weeks on repeat.

Irreproachable as their discography has been, I had reason to worry as the opening track showed signs of what could have led to a slam breakdown (hell forbid!), but this is the new Deeds Of Flesh album we’re talking about, and the song gets back to blasting and all doubts are laid to rest as the album progresses. Portals To Canaan is the sound of a legendary band that is constantly evolving into a force much more powerful than anyone could have imagined, and an album that displays the band’s different approach that began on the previous release and might be perfected on the next one, but Deeds Of Flesh are wielding their newfound power in style here, and are ridiculously amazing as always. I’m about to ejaculate as Deeds Of Flesh‘s Portals To Canaan boggles my mind for the tenth time today, and I bathe in anticipation of the upcoming technical/brutal death metal releases that have promised to blow us away.

Your move, Necrophagist.

RATING: 4.5/5deeds_of_flesh_band_members


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