Beer Review: Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2011

fuller's vintage ale 2011fuller's vintage ale 2011 backAm I glad I didn’t stop drinking or what? Well, technically, I did stop – but the dry spell lasted only a fortnight this time, and that’s nothing compared to the 11 months of sobriety I enjoyed from December 2011 to November 2012. Even though I’m still avoiding the bars and the barflies, the visits to Living Liquidz hadn’t stopped, and my eyes fell on this pack last weekend. Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2011 is what I had to bring home and chill in the fridge for the right moment, and the time is now. The last (and only other) version of this limited edition beer I got to try was in 2011 – Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2009 – and it only seems right that I get to try their 2011 vintage in 2013.

fuller's vintage ale 2011 pourThe fine pack got even the kittens curious, and while making sure the bigger cat didn’t knock the bottle or the glass over, I poured the brew all wrong and had to pay the price with the massive head. But, fuck, even the head tasted so damn good. Bitter as hell, and it left a classy lacing. The malt base is very strong, and the caramel flavour is present throughout. Even after drinking one, onto my second bottle, I can’t get much from the smell. It’s just malty, that’s all. Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2011 leaves an impressive bittersweet aftertaste: it’s easy on the tongue and stays long enough for some time. If you have cigars, chocolate or cheese at home, you should sit back and have any/all of them with a few bottles of this old English ale.


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6 Responses to “Beer Review: Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2011”

  1. July 17, 2013 at 05:24

    Hey Mehta….what’s with your abstaining from alcohol resolution? Or was this review written before your sanyaas


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