Album Review: Beatallica – Abbey Load (2013)

The beer is warm and has lost its foam

Cover.www.elite-share.orgThe beast that drank a thousand beers and crept across the land to suck on Madonna’s breast and didn’t give a fuck about how she fed the rest as long as the beer had its foam is back, this time with the lyrical focus more on The Beatles than Metallica. Of course it’s all done it ‘Tallica style (is there another way?), but what we have here is Beatallica‘s (mis)interpretation of The BeatlesAbbey Road, which I’ll have to listen to because of Abbey Load. It’s not that great, this Abbey Load. It’s quite uninteresting, actually, and I’ll be giving a listen to Abbey Road only to see if it’s a boring album that didn’t merit to be interpreted at all. Surprisingly, everything Metallica here equally is dull. The newness of a band that can sound exactly like Metallica mashing the music and lyrics of the Fab Four (Metallica, not The Beatles, you unenlightened souls) with the music and lyrics of The Beatles has worn off. What made the previous two albums fun was the blend of the simplicity (if I may call it that) of The Beatles‘ work with the full-on thrash attitude of the Fab Four (Metallica, not The Beatles, sorry). Those were The Beatles songs I was familiar with transformed into flowing thrash metal that twisted and turned through the never with Metallica‘s stance towards everything exaggerated to hell.

betallica band and logoAnd it was fucking hilarious, and I mean funny enough to have you guffawing. There’s a lot of ‘Tallica music played incorrectly here as usual and it’s very cute, but it’s just not exciting. Abbey Load throws up references of several things I love: Whiplash, King Nothing, 2 x 4, Hero Of The Day, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and it even indulges in some Lulu-bashing (Jaymz shouts, “I’m a table, you’re a chair!”), and doesn’t spare Megadeth either. They saluted MegaDave on a previous album by playing the intro to Addicted To Chaos shoddily, and on Abbey Load we have Beatallica attempting the Mechanix intro. It’s likable because I love Metallica and Megadeth equally, and one thing about Beatallica is that they always make me want to listen to The Beatles, and that’s something no other fan of the lesser, smaller, not-so-heavy Fab Four (The Beatles, not Metallica) has ever been able to do. So I’ll be checking out not just Abbey Road but The Beatles‘ entire discography to understand the other band Beatallica worships, but that’s unrelated to Abbey Load, which is low on energy and can’t thrash and let the metal flow. Fuck no, this beer is warm.

                                                               RATING: 2/5

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2 Responses to “Album Review: Beatallica – Abbey Load (2013)”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    July 19, 2013 at 14:51

    heard a lot of beatles but never a fan.sure i love a few songs but thats sort of it..but also always thought tribute bands are sorta idiots..that being said..i checked out a few songs and you can get a few laughs and thats it


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