Mumbai Liberals See Red Over Indian-National-Anthem/Hitting Incident

Take your false sense of patriotism and shove it up your ass, says liberal India

After a tabloid reported an incident in which a movie-goer was hit by a woman for not standing up when the Indian national anthem was played, many liberals have vented their anger against the rule that says the anthem has to be played before every film screening in cinema halls throughout the state of Maharashtra. Mehta Kya Kehta spoke to some infuriated people who think it’s a silly rule that doesn’t make any sense, and that patriotism shouldn’t be forced down people’s throats.

mahesh tinaikerMahesh Tinaikar, lead guitarist of Indus Creed and Whirling Kalapas says, ‘It doesn’t make sense. Ironically, we are supposed to be democracy and that means a right to “freedom of speech and expression”. Subjecting people to the national anthem and forcing them to stand up in cinema hall is not a part of it. In the US one can even burn the national flag and get away with it. If one tried to do a Jimi Hendrix here and rock out the national anthem even, rest assured, you will be charged with sedition. It’s fucked up but we have to live with it. By the way, that stupid woman should be charged as well – for assault, and more importantly: according to the law, you cannot intentionally create a disturbance during the singing of the national anthem – you can be imprisoned up to three years. And that’s exactly what that dingbat did!’

anuradha bhandariAnuradha Bhandari has a very different take on the incident. ‘I love my country and stand up in respect every time I hear the national anthem. Hell, I even play it on my own sometimes. But I still don’t think this is something that should be enforced before a movie. We live in a free country and can wish to respect it the way we want to. Just because playing the national anthem before every movie is absolutely ridiculous to me, it does not mean I love or respect my country any less. Also, who says respecting something can only be done by standing up? I can be sitting in the chair and still respect my country just the same. On the other hand, how does it help to respect the country by standing up while the anthem is playing, while spitting, peeing, throwing dirt on our very on motherland which we “respect” so much goes unpunished?’ But don’t we need to stand up for the anthem as a mark of respect? Isn’t it symbolic? ‘Symbolic to whom?’ she spits. ‘Why do I need to demonstrate to the world that I respect my country and its anthem? I know how I feel about it and I am sure my country knows that I respect it. Isn’t that all that matters? Why show gestures defined by god knows whom but instead respect the country in way one feels comfortable? Why play it before every movie? Is the country so insecure that it’s citizens will stop respecting it if they don’t hear the anthem every other day? Standing when one doesn’t feel like standing up is more disrespectful then sitting down.’

dushyant dubeyDushyant Dubey is very clear about his views. ‘If it wasn’t for implied enforcement, I’d never stand up for this National Anthem. It’s common knowledge that this song was created to honor George the 5th. It’s created to praise a person in particular,’ says Dubey. He also thinks the national song should be given more importance instead. ‘Jana Gana Mana doesn’t even deserve to be the National Anthem. Vande Mataram is the real song that inspired and motivated millions of freedom fighters in their struggle for independence.’ Throwing further light on the anthem, he adds ‘there is no “Eternal Guiding Spirit” or “Lord of India” or a particular “Bhagya Vidhata” in any religious scripture belonging to the major religions of India (Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism etc.) Neither was there an existence of any such entity in the social environment back then. Either symbolic or physical.’

deepti unniFreelance writer Deepti Unni too thinks no amount of respecting the national anthem can help India in any way. ‘I’d rather show “patriotism” by not spitting, littering, bribing and what have you, by being a better citizen, than by a forced two-minute token gesture that does nothing for the country.’ Deepti thinks it’s not just the people who pass such rules that are to blame, and that the citizens too are at fault. ‘The Indian public have a misplaced sense of patriotism, like it’s some abstract virtue. The same way politicians say “Indian culture”.’

sahil makhija the demonstealerMincing no words here is Sahil Makhija, vocalist/guitarist of Demonic Resurrection, the best-known extreme-metal band in India. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t stand for it before the last movie and I plan to not stand before it in the next one as well. And if anyone touches me I’ll break their face,’ announces the enraged frontman, known to hordes of fans as The Demonstealer. Echoing what many others have said, he suggests that the anthem be played before every sporting event, at political rallies, and even at every rock/metal concert. ‘I vote for it to be played in every restaurant before every guest eats his food to show how grateful they are to be eating Indian food!’ he adds for good measure.

And here’s what ADITYA MEHTA thinks: Do you get down on the ground and offer namaaz every time an azaan goes off in the neighbourhood? Do you drop everything the moment a bhajan starts playing to start clapping like a chode? Then why the fuck should you expect somebody who doesn’t share your sense of patriotism to as much as blink when the national anthem is played? I go to the movies to watch films, and it’s bad enough that I have to endure the poorly composed song that is the Indian national anthem, so the last thing I want is other people giving me shit for not showing love for something I don’t give a shit about. These idiots who sing along with the national anthem, their hearts swelling with pride, are first ones who will run away if the country goes to war, so I’ll punch them if they look at me like I’ve broken some secret pact with them. If you really care about India, do something about the pathetic state it is in, instead of looking around to see who isn’t standing in attention during the national anthem.

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12 Responses to “Mumbai Liberals See Red Over Indian-National-Anthem/Hitting Incident”

  1. July 27, 2013 at 18:05

    Well, showing respect to your country is entirely upto you, whether its ubercool to stand for a soothing classical sanskrit poem or not.. but just to make a point clear.. the national anthem definitely not praises King George V.. its a huge poem which was praises about “the brahman”.. and in case you can comprehend.. read http://satyashodh.com/janaganaman/..


  2. July 28, 2013 at 06:36

    It isn’t about simple impingement of personal freedoms. The fact is that in the modern context of nation states, one simply doesn’t have the choice of staying unaffiliated. We live within the borders of a country, we pay our taxes and we partake in the various services the country offers you in return – infrastructure, security, etc (all dubious, sure, but there you go). It is a framework of codes, a social contract that every citizen has to abide by without much say in the matter because, really, there is nowhere else to go, nothing else to be.

    I don’t like standing up for the anthem either but I appreciate that it is a part of the national fabric and fosters a pseudo sense of belonging and unity, albeit for a minute. And it implicitly honours the fallen; again, my thoughts on conflict don’t have to tally with the simplistic “our brave jawans that laid their lives down for the country” line of reasoning but I can respect the forces for what they do and what they give up.


  3. 4 Naveed Khan
    July 28, 2013 at 06:56

    Ya right…so I am urban…i dress cool…I play in band…I am a writer..I mix up things and equate everything thats wrong with the people of this country to National Anthem!! So like an idiot..I start comparing things and say ” look first what others are doing…that is more worst than what I am doing…peeing,pissing on roads is more unpatriotic than not standing up for National Anthem…so I wont stand up for National Anthem or I dont find it wrong not standing up for it ” Well by the way that makes me a LIBREL..one guy feels this is not the true National Anthem as it was wriiten in honor of George V…now he has half knowledge…it was controversy…and there are statements by Tagore to that effect…because “Bhagya Vidhata” is not part of any religions that exist in India…so it should be Vande Matram…now I feel Vande Matarm should not be National anthem because it say I bow to my motherland…and I am Muslim so how can I bow to anybody else other than My Almighty? For me Saare se Jahaan Se Accha Hinustan Humara Should have been the National Anthem…but that too cannot be..as Allama Iqbal went to Pakistan and was main guy main behind formation of Pakistan….so the debate and talk are endless…Its fucking simple if there is DECORUM follow it or dont be there….of course the lady was an idiot and was equally at fault….but we are not talking about one particular incident here…You have issues file a PIL…or do a Campaign… (not on internet) by a real one..the rule abolished…but don’t be there and not stand up..and think that “I am more patriot than you people who are standing up..as I am doing something more important to get my country out of pathetic state that it is in…i can go to war..and you moron will run away when the real time come” (and throw more words like fucking and shot for the effect) the person asking you to stand up might turn around and say “Bhai Jaasti Jazbaati mat dikha…Khade hone bol raha hoo pehel Khade hoke dikha…phir Jung par jana”


  4. 6 chaitanya kulkarni
    July 28, 2013 at 07:12

    Why should I stand up for the National Anthem played in Cinema? My answer is Why Not? Sure, you may have an opinion about the country and patriotism but when else do you think have you stood up for the National Anthem apart from being played in cinema? Guess not even on the 15th of august? Agreed the way the woman slapped was uncalled for but which ever country you come from one should respect it.


  5. 7 Anonymous
    July 28, 2013 at 08:12

    I’d stand just to avoid situations like those. But probably not out of respect. It’s a song. It has history and it demands a certain amount of symbolic respect, but not necessarily. If i personally believe that the song isn’t worth respecting, then i have the right to display it. Patriotism is made a joke just because of ridiculous situations like this. The guy didn’t want to stand. Leave him alone. If you have an issue with it, talk to him, make him see why it would be a good thing for him to stand and how standing would affect ANYTHING at all.


  6. 8 Kole
    July 28, 2013 at 14:02

    “it’s bad enough that I have to endure the poorly composed song that is the Indian national anthem, so the last thing I want is other people giving me shit for not showing love for something I don’t give a shit about”

    See now, that just messed your argument up. After i read that I just think you’re one of those upper middle class douche bags who only think English music imported from the west is cool. I understand not wanting to stand up for the national anthem because you don’t feel particularly patriotic in a cinema hall just before watching some shit like Chennai Express but why come down to a level where you are irrationally dissing a song that was made a long time ago (before guitar distortion was popular). I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with our national anthem and you can debate about the content or musical quality, but hey… Rabindranath Tagore couldn’t give a flying f*** what you think.

    Oh and I think your music is terrible, personally. I’m sure you have fans and groupies (not too sure about this one) but next time some one puts your shit on by mistake…I’ll make sure I blog about it and say how i’m going to ‘punch’ you for making the song because internet threats are so damn scary!


  7. July 29, 2013 at 07:02

    your so called liberals have some of the most idiotic excuses for getting off their fat bums for a few minutes. As far as Sahil Mehtas threat to break the face of the next person who asks him to stand for the national anthem, i hope puneet and his wife are sitting behind him next time. she’ll teach him a lesson his mother should have given him ages ago.


  8. August 5, 2013 at 19:53

    What’s wrong with people here? I’m totally against the national anthem being played before films. My purpose to visit the theatre isn’t to be patriotic. So save the misplaced sense of patriotism for Jan 26 and Aug 15 (those are the two days when you litter the streets with Indian flags).

    Mehta, mail across the password for the earlier post, na.


  9. October 17, 2014 at 00:40

    Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe this website needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the info!


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