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Beer Review: Shepherd Neame’s Bishops Finger


Bishops Finger is:

1)  A signpost in Kent, once serving to point Christian pilgrims
toward the tomb of Saint Thomas of Canterbury.

2) A Kentish beer named after said signpost.

3) A really kinky sex move, according to Urban Dictionary.

bishops finger bottle

The sex move sounds disgusting. The beer I like. It’s the third beer
I’ve sampled from Britain’s oldest brewery – Shepherd Neame – and as
seems to be the case with all of Shepherd Neame’s beers, Bishops
Finger has historical significance. It was first brewed in the year
that malt rationing came to an end in Britain, because heck, more
malts! A resultantly strong brew, it fills your mouth with that
lovely, full bodied, toasted, caremelly maltiness. Not overpoweringly,
but the right amount. My nose detects it as more in the bitter
direction of fruity, which comes from the hops. And there’s a lot of
hops, mind you, which makes this stuff bitter as hell. If the only
beer you’re used to drinking comes out of a can labelled Kingfisher or
Budweiser or Foster’s, you’d rather stick to a more moderately
flavoured lager than this strong British ale. If you’re a writer
though, you’ll love the bitterness. Ha ha, joke. But really, it’s a
characterful kind of bitter, giving way to a mellow fruitiness which
comes from where I’m not too sure, but there’s a distinct sourness
going on which suggests some citrusy ingredients. It’s also a good
beer to look at, with it’s almost bourbon like colouration and
headstrong nature outside the bottle. I washed this down with a half
tablespoon of orange marmalade; the good, not-too-sweet kind of
marmalade with plenty of little bits of orange peel. Great fucking

bishops fingerEven with that ridiculously purple label, Bishops Finger is a good,
strong, satisfying drink. Best drunk with a beard on your face.


Solar Deity now has Amogh Sharma on the drums and Niraj Singh Chauhan on lead guitar

solar deity bandCatch Solar Deity LIVE at Vehement Era: Enslavement in Bangalore

Free Download: Devil Worship


Beer Review: Kronenbourg 1664

Every time I decide to quit drinking alcohol, it pops up at odd times and in strange ways to remind me of the position it holds in my life. On this dry day (in India the government doesn’t let us legally purchase or drink alcohol on certain days of the year) I have here with me a beer from France, and what a fine lager it is. Not that I had given up on lagers; this country and many other beer-brewing nations have downright awful beers leading the world market, but I have had enough lagers to understand that there obviously are far better ones than the ones I’ve tried.billoo and kittu and beer

Kronenbourg 1664, then, can be added to the list. Firmly crisp and easy to drink, this beer has a likable hop flavour, and being a clean drink, can be had in large quantities. The taste stays for some time, reminding me of my first taste of beer, when the taste really seemed to stay. It’s only the cost that would keep me from drinking this again; I bought only a pint, and for this price I can get something I’d enjoy a lot more: a wheat beer or an ale. Still, it’s a dry day and a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 in this green bottle is all I have, alcohol bite and all.

RATING: 3.5/5kronenbourg 1664 lager beer


Solar Deity T-shirts and CDs now available in Bangalore and Kolkata

Solar Deity Tee and CDSolar Deity CD

To place an online order, contact our record label Nephalist Recordings.

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Album Review: Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

The latest offering from the black-metal masters is as imposing as everything else by them

InquisitionExactly like Motorhead and Mortician, Inquisition is a band that never really changes, and that’s how it should be, as most of their fans will tell you. I’m a fan, too. But, you see, I grow weary of listening to the same album every time. Motorhead everybody loves, and everyone has a Motorhead album that they can listen to from start to end and enjoy thoroughly. Mine is 1916. With Mortician, I don’t have a favourite release as such, but there are quite a few songs I appreciate, and their discography (on those very rare occasions that I have Mortician cravings) is on shuffle whenever it is, and that feels right.

inquisition live bandWith their previous three albums – all very good – Inquisition seemed to be aiming at delivering that one huge album, and that release was Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (read my review of that masterpiece here), on which Lord Dagon perfected his songwriting technique, and grouped with the blasting that came from Incubus and that dense overall sound, made for a crushing release that was sonically devastating from its first moment and instantly made you raise the horns and move your head in a circular motion.

Inquisition-Obscure-Verses-for-the-multiverseObscure Verses For The Multiverse, the 2013 album from Inquisition, offers more of the same – or as George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher would say about an upcoming Cannibal Corpse album: “Same, same… but different.” At first listen I was blown away, on second listen I compare it to its antecedent and think that this one isn’t that great, but that’s how I usually feel about Inquisition albums, only to be proved wrong later. Third listen onwards I hear Obscure Verses For The Multiverse as what it is: the latest Inquisition album  – and how does one compare albums of a band that never really changes? I’d like to say the songs on Obscure Verses For The Multiverse aren’t as easily catchy as a lot of other Inquisition tracks, but I also can’t stop listening to this album midway, and the more attention I pay the clearer it becomes that it’s yet another magical release from the world where darkness is lord and death the beginning. It’s as imposing as everything else by them.

inquisition bandObscure Verses For The Multiverse is packed with thrashy riffs and masterful drumming shrouded in that opaque sound. There’s a song from Nefarious Dismal Orations (read Dipankar ‘Demonos’ Roy’s review of that album here). Yeah, it’s more of the same, and it’s “same, same, but different,” and since we’re talking about a great band we love for never really changing, I don’t think we’ll hear any complaints.


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Solar Deity to perform live rituals at Vehement Era: Enslavement in Bangalore

vehement era enslavement posterThat’s right! We’re hitting old Bengaluru for the second time this year, and 2013’s Vehement Era: Enslavement has a lineup that will blow you away. For my non-metalhead readers who can’t make head or tail of these morbid logos, these are the names of the bands: Chaos (thrash metal), Dark Desolation (black metal), Gutslit (death/grind), Festered Wound (gore/noise), Nihilus (technical death metal), Solar Deity (Satanic black metal) and Theorized (thrash metal). If you’re in Bangalore this Sunday, Ion Bar & Kitchen is where you should come to drink alcohol and enjoy these seven metal acts. Hail Satan!

Vehement Era: Enslavement event page on Facebook

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Complete Lyrics to Solar Deity’s Devil Worship

solar deity band pic


solar deity black metal band india



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