Theory of Negation and Some More Negation


Before I begin, I would like to thank Aditya for letting me write this piece for MKK. Not many places that spew actual truth like this website does, mutual asslicking is the bane of progress and it is only through the way of realization of the cold, hard, bitter truth that excellence can be achieved.

dushyant dubeySo I’ve been around for a while, even though most MKK readers might not find me familiar, I’ve been the editor of Metalabad, a website that has been providing coverage for the Gujarat Rock scene since the past five years. Recently, I moved to Bombay to complete an internship and even more recently, I happened to attend a concert in the city.

“Grand Mammoth Festival” it was called. Although a more apt title would have been “Modest Mammoth Pub gig” but regardless of the name, the concert had some promising bands on the lineup which included the newly formed Trinergic (or did Dystopia change their name? idk), the quickly-moving-up-the-ranks Orion, Cosmic Infusion, Atmosfear and Zygnema. There were two other bands namely Fire Monx and Orcus who I shall not talk about since I wasn’t able to see them.

So I get to the venue and I take a look around, I see several familiar faces, faces belonging to the Bombay Metal scene, the oh-so-holy community that is looked up to by cities with smaller scenes such as mine. We all strive to be like Bombay some day, it’s a struggle, a dream, but it’s there. The Bombay scene and its bands are benchmarks of what we all want to be like, eventually, at some point.

I ask someone, “Has the concert begun?” to which I received an affirmative reply. I was late to the gig, but even so, what really made me ask this question was the fact that there was a large crowd of people outside the venue, happily drinking away at the bar and chatting with their buddies.

Not sure what to make of this, I went inside. The band Trinergic had just taken the stage. Comprised of nothing but pure talent, these guys were bringing the place down with their tight set. What I couldn’t help notice though was how there were barely any people inside the venue compared to the droves of drunkards I saw outside.

It’s probably just for the opening bands, I told myself, unable to reason with such ignorance and stuck around, relishing and basking in the sound of live Heavy Metal that we’re so starved for back in our home towns. Trinergic finished their set and Orion came on, I saw a few fresh faces enter, probably the friends and supporters of the band who went straight up to the front row. I strolled to the balcony and noticed that the numbers outside had only grown bigger.

The next band was Atmosfear, SURELY people were going to come in now! This band’s on the main bill after all! Such an experienced, almost universally-acclaimed band in the Metal circles shall surely see some serious fanfare!


The same thing happened, people outright refused to come in. Sure there was a small crowd of folks that just enjoyed every single moment of the Atmosfear experience, exactly how it’s meant to be, but the amount of people that just didn’t care was beyond logic.

Cosmic Infusion met similar fate. It was still a delight to see a small legion of dedicated fans sing along to their songs, a rare occurrence for a band that hasn’t been around too long.

and then… Zygnema is announced.

Suddenly, all the people who were outside this entire time (We’re talking 3+ hours) decide to lumber their asses inside the venue.

“JIGNEMAAAHHH!!11” an enthusiastic fan bellowed, a cry which was echoed by the rest and deservedly so, Zygnema’s a talented powerhouse of a band and deserve all this and more.

The setlist starts off with one of their famous numbers, before being stopped abruptly by the venue manager since the time limit had been crossed.

and this is when it was “Shell broken hell loose” for all the fanboys.

“Manager ki ma ki chut!” the crowd screamed in unison, displaying their hardcoreness and proving their fandom while simultaneously bringing a definitive end to anything Metal ever happening at the venue again. A visibly distraught organizer held his head in disappointment as hordes of “Metalheads” hurled abuses at the manager and complained in a similar vein to grannies that didn’t get their prescription laxatives on time.

It is a matter of another discussion that our rebels went in silent mode upon the appearance of hulky bouncers though.

So all of this is happening and I start hearing about how “150 rupya waste hua” and “main 2 ghante travel kiya” from several of the attendants. Bear in mind that these were the same folks that chose to stay outside during the whole concert, only bothering to hobble inside when their favorite band came to play.

Now my diatribe is this. Each and every one of the bands that played inside the venue on that evening, worked hard. Each band spent a lot of good time into getting things right and if someone were to ask me to rate the bands that played, there wouldn’t be too much difference in how amazingly tight all the bands (including Zygnema) were on stage and how much heart and soul they put into their performance.

But while such performances were in progress, “cool” folks preferred to stay outside. This isn’t limited to your regular scene-kid either, I’m talking about the Big Shows and the Rikishis of the scene. People that post status messages about how the scene should support them and their bands, people that are regarded as the flag bearers of the entire community. What is a random scene kid supposed to think when these very people refuse to support their fellow musicians?

Obviously it’s not a cool thing to do anymore, who gives a shit about staying for the entire concert right? No band’s as amazing as the band that I’m supporting! It’s like picking a side to support, except that’s not the way it works.

There’s only one side in our music, Heavy fucking Metal!

I’ve had this discussion with several folks since, is this because of there being an abundance, an excess? From my “outsider” point of view, I cannot imagine people in the cities of Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Baroda, Surat etc. wanting to miss out on even a single second of any concert that happens! The crowds are so passionate and hungry to listen to Metal that quite figuratively, nothing else matters.

But maybe we’re too intelligent now, we know too much or we’ve listened to too much music. We’ve all become critics, dismissive of any band that’s not up to our standards and happy to ignore their existence until someone “cool” makes it a thing to acknowledge them instead.

This is an Indie scene. Relatively free from the clutches of corporate talons so far. But the only way its ever going to get anywhere is if this ignorant, piece of shit attitude comes to an end. The reason people stopped being ignorant and opened up to Rock Music was why the scene came to be in the first place!

This doesn’t mean providing showers of praise and verbal fellatio to artists either, in my opinion there’s no bigger motivator than critics and criticism. But whoever you are, whatever you do, if you’re into Metal, give your scene a chance.

With this I’ll end this article, please leave feedback in comments.

Dushyant Dubey

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16 Responses to “Theory of Negation and Some More Negation”

  1. November 4, 2013 at 15:31

    I perfectly understand how you feel. Music has become something like fashion these days. And the insecure kids who commit acts to brag to their friends would make a bee line for it simply because it’s “Metal”
    It’s not the music they’re interested in, it’s the status – which I’m sure you already noticed.
    To be called a metal head was once a great thing, something that signified rebelliousness, individuality, and a will that told others you will follow your path because you want to, and no one can stop you.
    Now the beaten path has become little less than a ridiculous honey coated footpath with side bars and elevated to a view so that all can look upon it and provide the very attention and disdain which keeps the path in its perverted place.
    I love this article. And I respect you for being true to yourself.


  2. November 4, 2013 at 15:40

    Arey dushyant tu ne woh kahavat suna hai kya ? Gaand Jale toh mooh chale


  3. 4 KP
    November 4, 2013 at 19:39

    awesome article ! very well written too. i have the same experience here in the states, although here the scene has been set for a long time, but when i go for a concert, there is the main band and an unknown opening band and i am super excited to hear this unknown band, but most people are always outside and choose not to hear the opening band and i dont get that.

    i absolutely loved this paragraph :

    “But maybe we’re too intelligent now, we know too much or we’ve listened to too much music. We’ve all become critics, dismissive of any band that’s not up to our standards and happy to ignore their existence until someone “cool” makes it a thing to acknowledge them instead.”


  4. 5 Suraj PN
    November 5, 2013 at 04:44

    very well written, frank. and laconic article.!

    wat i think is.. genres were made to classify music not to influence our minds..!! love music nt genres.!

    giving respect to those who try is important.!! i am a fledging guitarist myself and have experienced the same..!!


  5. 6 Gavril M
    November 5, 2013 at 06:50

    I love the fact that you choose to call this city Bombay.



  6. November 5, 2013 at 06:54

    It’s great to read something here thats not Aditya’s idea of true and legit. Well written and holds true for a lot of venues and bands.
    On the flipside- metalheads here have this misplaced sense of entitlement. Firstly, theres barely anything happening here on top of that people are busy trying to establish their idea of whats true and whats not or dissing anything that doesnt glorify their understanding of metal.
    This makes for a refreshing perspective becuase here is someone ( I am assuming here – correct me if I am wrong) who holds no allegiance towards any faction or whatever these groups are and he sees it for what it is.

    Most of the bands dont even bother to check out bands that are playing before and after them. None of these fuckers have a right to complain that they dont get enough crowd support.


  7. 11 Anonymous
    November 5, 2013 at 07:57

    I was there at the gig and I agree with every word in this article.


  8. 12 Suhas
    November 5, 2013 at 10:20

    Trur story bro…i had noticed the same thing countless times & always wondered WTF . I mean i see a lot of posts from various bands asking to comes in numbers to their gig but i dont see any of them attending other gigs sparing a few. Big Shame.


  9. 13 simon santiago
    November 9, 2013 at 17:37

    Big Shows and the Rikishis. Hahaha. Woh saand log ka size sahi bola. Woh Toila jaake toilet khoila! Aur woh kamdar saala 8 feet ka haagu.


  10. 16 Bonny
    January 14, 2014 at 11:41

    It was truly logical and bold of you to write about the stupidity that went around at the so called Grand Mammoth Metal show at Vashi Marine centre. The reason why I am writing to you is to let you know while many have written about the show in a very stereo type manner, you bro really spoke the reality and the actual emotion which was going on in the air


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