Music Review: Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil

(Satan must be pleased as punch.)

Deicide-in-the-Minds-of-EvilDeicide‘s 2013 album In the Minds of Evil has the band delivering a work that befits their status as the undisputed kings of Satanic Death Metal. Indeed, this new album is far superior to their last few works (with the exception of The Stench of Redemption). On the very first listen you can hear how inspired these dudes are sounding; this is the sort of music I expect from Deicide.

A beast tamer than Deicide and nowhere as chaotic as Legion, In the Minds of Evil is a beast nevertheless, and sits comfortably between Once Upon the Cross and Serpents of the Light. This Deicide album has atonal as well as melodic soloing, and nobody seems to be missing the Hoffman brothers a lot. Kevin Quirion and Jack Owen have superb Death Metal riffing going on here, and it would’ve sounded sharper with the bass lower. The solos get Deicidemore fun as the album plays on, and there’s a groove to In the Minds of Evil, possibly Owen getting nostalgic about Cannibal Corpse, and that’s great for us. I’d be ecstatic if they went all CC on us with the next album; Benton bellowing over grooves of that kind would be something, besides a nice change.

Steve Asheim’s drumming is better than ever; it’s as if the seasoned drummer is giving you a best-of performance. Glen Benton is finally, at long last, sounding hateful. Deicide without hatred isn’t Deicide, and even though Glen has been pissed off long enough at God, his son Jesus and Christianity to still be pissed off at them, it is necessary for the old boy to be angry enough for Deicide to sound like they will wring your neck, and he’s even doing more than his “fuck your god” routine after so long. Benton’s still saying the same thing, only he remembers he can say it even more interestingly.

Deicide‘s In the Minds of Evil is a headbanger’s delight.


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  1. December 4, 2013 at 10:31

    please send me a download link for the album, cant seem to find it!


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