Burzum News: Varg Vikernes deserves to go to jail… for releasing that new shitty album

varg vikernes

No, don’t be upset, it’s just six months!

Fuck knows who takes Varg Vikernes’ racist bullshit seriously, except his own silly ‘race’ that can’t stop applauding its own ‘superiority’. As a Burzum fan, I say the old chap deserves those six months in prison just for making The Ways Of Yore. A fucking moron on LSD could make a better album hitting random notes, and I don’t know shit about European folklore/mythology or how to play a keyboard. It isn’t very nice to incite hate against Jews even if they’re Gujjus, and for what he said about Muslims and Islam, a fatwa would be apposite, as surprise beheadings are losing their

Yes, just sit back and compose Belus II.

Yes, just sit back and compose Belus II.

charm faster than Mumbai metal bands desperately playing every gig they can bag. Back to my point – jail has done Count Grishnackh a lot of good – I’m one of those who think understand Belus is Burzum at its peak, and that Kristian ‘Varg’ Vikernes perfected Black Metal with that album. Fallen deserves countless flying kisses too, and that’s why I’m saying the wolf needs to be caged. Get angry, Varg, be very angry and let the hatred build up. Toss that keyboard out or just put the cover back on it for a little while… some of us from the “inferior races” are thirsting for new sounds of purity.

Album Review: Burzum – The Ways Of Yore

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1 Response to “Burzum News: Varg Vikernes deserves to go to jail… for releasing that new shitty album”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    July 10, 2014 at 14:54

    Well, most of his albums are over-hyped. Filosofem and Belus were great though. But there are people that listen to Burzum just because he is a murderer.


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