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Vegan Food Review: Aadarsh Meals and Tiffin Service (Andheri West)

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NOT FAR FROM the railway station at Andheri is an eatery which serves vegan meals. There isn’t a board that displays this joint’s name (it only says ‘lunch home’) but that doesn’t matter – Aadarsh Lunch Home provides cheap, tasty and possibly the cleanest food you’ll get while eating out in this area. The staff was initially very suspicious because of the questions I threw at them (Was anything cooked in ghee? Did they use butter or serve paneer? Why weren’t they using dairy at all?) and refused to let me take pictures despite my assuring them that I didn’t mean any trouble, but I earned their trust by visiting the place several times and complimenting them on their vegetable gravies each time and even criticizing the dal. Aadarsh Lunch Home serves a thali that will keep you comfortably stuffed for half a day. A few rotis, two vegetable dishes that you won’t find in any multi-cuisine restaurant around (fuck these multi-cuisines and their same old south Indian/Punjabi/Chinese/pav bhaji crap), a boringly plain dal, lots of rice, a fried papad and pickle. I tell them not to give me the fried papad and to give me another helping of a sabzi instead of the tasteless dal, and the veggies change at every meal. I’ve been there for lunch, I’ve been there for dinner, and now they want to know every time how I liked the food. Oh yeah, they say they’ll never use dairy because the meals need to remain affordable for all. If you’re vegan but don’t know it, clap your hands.


Aadarsh Lunch Home, Shop No.1, Kaka Patil Chawl, behind Cafe Alfa, V.P. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058

Phone: 7666994113

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