Vegan Musicians on Veganism: Debarati Das (Sephiroth)

Debarati Das

Age: 23

Band: Sephiroth (thrash metal), Vinaash Kaal (black metal)

When, how and why did you go vegan?

I come from a non-vegan family and was raised that way. However, I remember that as a kid I always felt sad about fish in aquariums or animals in zoos. Sadly, I stopped thinking about it when I grew up and continued eating non-vegan food. In 2014, I saw a video on debaratidascruelty meted out to animals, which totally shattered me. It was then that I decided to turn vegan. I have had nutrient deficiencies since my teenage years, so I wanted to switch to being vegan gradually. I was vegetarian for a year and stopped using other animal products like leather or wool. After a year of being vegetarian, when I got used to the diet, I turned vegan. The only thing I regret about turning vegan is that, I should’ve turned vegan much earlier in life.  I read and watched videos about the extreme cruelty meted out to animals by the dairy, poultry and meat industry- besides incessant killings, baby calves are separated from their mothers, animals are subjected to severe health hazards and endless exploitation and torture. I need to have a clean conscience and not have an exploited, brutalized and killed sentient being on my plate.

Do you have any nonhuman companions?


What do you think is the way forward for veganism in India? 

Veganism is, slowly but surely, going ahead in India. Change pertaining to veganism cannot happen radically. Since the time that I started following veganism in India, I have come to realize that it is slowly proceeding from a primary stage. There are grass root level demonstrations being conducted to expose people to the realities of the dairy and meat debaratiindustry. However, there sure remains lack of information. For people away from the internet, there is barely any tool of awareness about the cruelty meted out to animals, alternative healthy and inexpensive diet options, health benefits, etc. More information, demonstration and convincing persuasion at all levels (from personal to mass) based on facts is a way forward for veganism in India.

Physical and mental changes you’ve noticed since going vegan?

Since I was already suffering from deficiencies at the time of turning vegan, I had to choose my diet wisely. A vegan diet can be healthy or unhealthy, just like any other diet, depending on what one eats. I have noticed positive changes in my health on consuming vegan food rich in Vitamin C and fibre content, having less saturated fat and vegan alternatives for protein and calcium. Mental changes, well, my conscience is what matters to me at the end of the day and I am happy I turned vegan.

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