Vegan Musicians on Veganism: Hassan Amin (Multinational Corporations, Dead Bhuttos)

Hassan Amin

Turning 25 this year

Multinational Corporations (grindcore/crust punk) and Dead Bhuttos (hardcore punk) 

When, how and why did you go vegan?
hassanumerIt’s been a goal of mine for a few years, and ultimately my decision coincided with some health issues where ridding myself of meat was beneficial. I started out by trying out being vegan for a week in the beginning of the year, quitting dairy food as well, as well as slowly removing myself from clothes etc made from animals. Halfway through that week I took the plunge. There was no second thoughts about it once I figured out that it was not hard at all to sustain a cruelty-free existence if one tried.

Do you have any nonhuman companions?

No. But our family has had cats, rabbits, dogs, ducks, hens and a wide variety of animals over the years.

What do you think is the way forward for veganism in Pakistan?

A lot of work needs to be done. I can count the vegans I know in Pakistan on my fingers, and I could still count them if a few fingers were cut off, hahahaha!

Pakistanis tend to think going meat-free is impossible, which is really hilarious. I was made to believe that going vegan would require a mammoth effort, or a huge amount of money, especially with regards to replacing meat. But a week or so in and I realized, I didn’t really ever need meat or any kind of animal product. It was just conditioning since a young age. Literally all I had to do to make the first step, was to not eat meat and eat the other non-animal stuff instead. It wasn’t that hard a step at all.

Great part about Pakistani cuisine is that a LOT of it is actually vegan friendly. Just avoid the meat dishes and go for the incredible variety of vegetable & lentils/beans dishes – and stay away from ghee lol. I’m actually saving more money now that I don’t have to rely on chicken/beef/mutton as my nutrition source. Even if I’m roaming around and get hungry, theres a bunch of shit I can eat, from samosa to an apple at a fruit stall, or makai, or literally any one of a hundred things available as ‘street food.’

However, I did miss eggs for like one day and after that it was like whatever. I’m not gonna die if I don’t get to taste em again lmao. As for milk, Soy Milk zindabad – costs about the same as regular dairy milk and takes just a day to get used to the taste. I’ve had Soy (and coconut, and almond) chai, used it in cereal, etc, and it’s dope af. And nah, most of what you heard about its ‘negative effects’ are mostly bullshit, chances are Dairy Milk is worse for ya anyway if people wanna argue on the health thing.

I totally get why people wouldn’t wanna go vegan, and I don’t wanna talk about the political/activist side because I’ve been a meat eater all my fucking life. But people in Pakistan who say shit like “it’s impossible to be vegan here” – what fucking country do you live in??

Physical and mental changes you’ve noticed since going vegan?

hassanamin2Mentally I feel a lot more fresh. Like I’ve gotten a new kick in life. Physically, there were some health related issues that started improving once I cut myself off from meat/dairy/etc. When I researched what those things actually do to you, it started to add up.
What kind of food do you like and dislike?
I don’t enjoy overly oily food. Apples are my favorite thing in the world, more than punk rock.

Tell me about your most memorable meal and restaurants you like to visit.
Nothing too memorable, I just stick with daal and hari mirch sprinkled on it pretty much everyday for the last few years.

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