Vegan Musicians on Veganism: Shakti Singh (1833 AD, Artillerie)

Shakti Singh

Age:  Turning 31 this year

Bands: Artillerie (progressive thrash metal) and 1833 Ad (black metal)

When, how and why did you go vegan?

sshaktisingh2I became a vegan a few months back. One year back I left non veg completely, then i started with this experiment that on every wednesday i will just have vegan diet and slowly i will include thursdays and fridays as well until i become full vegan. This experiment didnt work and i started realizing that it wont help. So, I started with giving up on dairy products in a phased manner. First phase included giving up on paneer, ghee, butter etc. Second phase included slowly cutting down on cheese, tea and coffee with milk. This time it worked and now no animals are harmed for my meal. I have never been a fan of honey, silk and leather, so it was easy and moreover easier availablity of products from vicco and medimix helped a lot. Once i watched 15 mins of earthlings, i turned it off and thats when i gave up on all sorts of meat and vowed that i will go vegan no matter what and realized, till now what torture i was giving to animals.

Awesome! Do you have any animal companions? 

Yes, 3 years back my girlfriend gifted me a beautiful labrador named Floyd. Life has changed since he became part of our family. My mother feeds him everyday with her hands or else he wont eat, haha. Its like a new baby has come in our family and theres always some sort of positivity because of him.

Do you help animals in any way? 

Every month i go to a local animal NGO called SPCA for volunteer work and regularly feed and take care of strays in my area. Once i saw an accidental puppy on road so i took him to vet. Basically i participate everywhere, where i can possibly help animals though i am looking for indulging into more active and regular participation.

Have you noticed any physical or mental changes since having gone vegan?

Mentally i have become very happy and content that i am having best food and no animals harmed for it. i feel light, and energetic, that lethargicness is gone…..one more thing shaktisingh1though i have no scientic proof to prove it, but since i started veganism, i noticed a considerable shutdown in bacterial infections like cold and viral fever….this whole year i was affected by cold only twice and that too got over in one day…no viral fever at all… i believe there is an increase in my immunity… its just my personal observation, but its great

That’s amazing! Is there any food you like or dislike?

Since i became vegan i started liking karela as well and i dont know why. I love veggies, like a big bowl of veggies. I like chinese and south indian food a lot because i am assured that these cuisines dont use ghee and butter as water, they mention if they are using dairy in any food and both of em are tasty as hell. In my vegan options i havent found any food which i dislike, but yes am not a big fan of fruits.

Tell me about your most memorable meal and restaurants you like to visit.

Once i had sambar-rice khichdi at sarvana bhawan. Damn, i have never eaten something like that in my entire life. It was spicy, delicious and it had that homely feel that you can just make it at home.
Sarvana bhawan, naivdyam, 4s, costa coffee (they give tea in soya milk), china bowl and moets.

Click here to listen to 1833 AD

Click here to listen to Artillerie

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