Vegan Musicians on Veganism: Shashwat Gupta (Narsil, IIIrd Sovereign, Undying Inc.)

Shashwat Gupta
Bands: Narsil (2004-2010) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmNBNhfA-Gk 
IIIrd Sovereign (2009)
Undying Inc. (2004)
Oritus (2005)
I am a dietary vegan and I became one for health reasons. However with that being said, I do not use dead animal skin, so my shoes, wallet, belt are all ‘pu’. I like it, I feel great and why not. I lost 30 kgs by eating more than I ever have. I have clarity in my life and work that I have never had before. I am patient and my temperament and stamina is better.
shashhwatguptaSo I became a vegan because I shifted to a house near a badminton club which has 8 badminton courts, I made some friends who played badminton there and after a few days of playing with them I realized, I can’t run, I can’t hit, I can’t move and basically I cannot play. I was about 122 kgs of no skill or stamina. Either I give up of improve myself were the only two choices. In the past having tried and miserably failing on a high protein, high fat, low carb vegetarian diet post which I only got bigger, I was determined to find a solution to this problem. I had three criterias that I knew needed to be met if I was to do another diet.
1. I will not stay hungry – This also meant I will restrict on type of food but not on quantity. Anyways staying hungry has always been illogical to me.
2. I exercise when I can exercise – I got other things to do sometimes, man.
3. Eat anytime I want/can – “You must have breakfast before 10 and lunch by 2 and dinner before 6pm”. I understand the merits of this and intermittent fasting but I am a regular international traveler, I am busy with things besides eating and I need to eat when I am hungry. 
Becoming a vegan solved these for me and now although still overweight at 90 kgs, I am slowly shaping up more. The badminton is now great!

Before & After

The kind of food he likes and dislikes
I love all fruits especially watermelons. I  usually have a high carb potato rice diet. I try and avoid oils and soy products.
There is very little in the vegan world I dislike – I guess I am not a big fan of green tea.
Restaurants he visits
Brownice (Singapore)
NSEW Fusion Cafe (Singapore)
nomVnom (Singapore)
Udipi (Singapore)
SoupSpoon (Singapore)
The best dish he has had

Vege Curry rice @ NSEW fusion cafe. (Once a week for sure!)

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