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Harley Rock Riders contest winners (and the correct answers)

1. Alita Pinto
2. P. Ashwin Dutt
3. Arnav Sheth
4. Nikita Shah
5. Rahul Sawn
6. Himanshu Singh Rathor
7. Prayag Arora-Desai
8. Sushant Yadav
9. Meher Manda
10. Sagar Shah

The correct answers were: 1. Devoid 2. Exhumation 3. Warren Mendonsa

Congratulations, winners! Please carry your photo IDs to the event.

Click here to download music from the brutal death metal band Exhumation


CONTEST: Win 10 tickets to Harley Rock Riders Season V

HRRThat’s right – Mehta Kya Kehta is giving away tickets to Harley Rock Riders Season V to 10 lucky winners! All you have to do is read the following and leave your answers in the comment section.

1. Name a metalcore band that’s performing at Harley Rock Riders Season V.

2. A musician performing with a trendy band at Harley Rock Riders Season V is also famous for his association with a brutal death metal band from Mumbai. Name the brutal death metal band.

3. What do the bands Zero and Blackstratblues have in common?

Leave your answers as a comment with your real name and enjoy this weekend at Harley Rock Riders Season V!


Burzum News: Varg Vikernes deserves to go to jail… for releasing that new shitty album

varg vikernes

No, don’t be upset, it’s just six months!

Fuck knows who takes Varg Vikernes’ racist bullshit seriously, except his own silly ‘race’ that can’t stop applauding its own ‘superiority’. As a Burzum fan, I say the old chap deserves those six months in prison just for making The Ways Of Yore. A fucking moron on LSD could make a better album hitting random notes, and I don’t know shit about European folklore/mythology or how to play a keyboard. It isn’t very nice to incite hate against Jews even if they’re Gujjus, and for what he said about Muslims and Islam, a fatwa would be apposite, as surprise beheadings are losing their

Yes, just sit back and compose Belus II.

Yes, just sit back and compose Belus II.

charm faster than Mumbai metal bands desperately playing every gig they can bag. Back to my point – jail has done Count Grishnackh a lot of good – I’m one of those who think understand Belus is Burzum at its peak, and that Kristian ‘Varg’ Vikernes perfected Black Metal with that album. Fallen deserves countless flying kisses too, and that’s why I’m saying the wolf needs to be caged. Get angry, Varg, be very angry and let the hatred build up. Toss that keyboard out or just put the cover back on it for a little while… some of us from the “inferior races” are thirsting for new sounds of purity.

Album Review: Burzum – The Ways Of Yore

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Bombay Death Metal Legion to headline Deathfest VI

DDF 6 posterThe baap of Indian extreme-metal festivals is upon us, outdoing itself with the lineup as it does every year. For ordinary mortals who can’t read metal logos, these are the bands performing at Domination: The Deathfest VI: Killchain (OSDM from Mumbai), death-doom act Primitiv (that’s how they spell it), Navi Mumbai death/groove maniacs Wired Anxiety, Insane Prophecy (blackened death/thrash from Guwahati), Bangalore’s sludge lords Shepherd, Plague Throat (death metal from Shillong), and Bombay Death Metal Legion (18 death-worshipping beasts from aamchi Mumbai paying tribute to the unholy gods.) Bombay Death Metal Legion will headline Deathfest VI, playing songs by Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Vader, Obituary, Death and other death metal monsters. See you at United 21, Thane!

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Extremely Cute Kitten For Adoption In Mumbai

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I found this extremely cute kitten yesterday and it lives in a shoebox in the bedroom. It hasn’t yet learned to walk, but a couple of days of drinking replacement milk and it should be running about. If anybody wants to adopt this darling (I don’t know if it’s male or female), please call me on 9920041058. Meow!


Dying Embrace fan burns the band’s t-shirt as a mark of protest

dying embrace bandHere’s what I got in the mail this morning. Somebody who used to buy all the merchandise put out by Indian doom-death metal band Dying Embrace, set his favourite t-shirt of the Bangalore band on fire. This was his way of protesting against Dying Embrace’s vocalist Vikram Bhat’s unbelievably childish behaviour, which seems to have grown since the act made its comeback three years ago. Many claim Vikram Bhat’s struggle for power in Bangalore’s underground metal scene and his high-handedness stem from insecurity and jealousy. Below the slideshow is what the sender of the email had to say.

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Hello, Aditya. Hope you had a look at the pictures, I would like you to publish them on your blog. The pictures, as you can see are of me burning the Dying Embrace t-shirt. Now, of course, if you decide to publish them, a proper justification would be expected from my side, as to why I did it and the other main question, why do I choose to keep my identity anonymous.

The post that was published on 4th Nov 2013 has created quite a stir judging from the comments and reactions. Almost all of the accusations against Vikram Bhatt/Bangalore Doom Syndicate are right. I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all but even before the post was published, I knew many of the things that have been exposed in the comment section. I’m just a person like you who takes his metal
seriously. For me and of course for almost everyone out there, metal is more than just a form of entertainment.

Keeping that in mind, when people like Vikram Bhat who are mediocre musicians, decide to wreck the future of many other bands by creating a monarchist system, it’s infuriating.

I’m not a big supporter/fan of  his band, especially after listening to the the terrible vocals in the live renditions of the songs. Buying the t-shirt of the band was a mistake, especially during the time when only a few tracks of the band were available online to be heard. When such people claim to be ‘elite’ and try inflicting this belief on each and everyone around them, I’m not the one to take it, and this is my way of saying that I have lost all respect not only for the frontman but for his band too.

Now there’s hatred, pure hatred. The way Vikram Bhat and Bangalore Doom Syndicate express their views through sharp words and actions, this is my way of giving it back to them – my actions to express my views.

If this post gets published, I’m quite sure 60% of the people will have views that’ll be against my expression and actions, 30% might be supportive and 10% won’t care and take it as entertainment. It’s alright with me, to each is own. To the lot who would actually care about this episode, I think this entire note from me is more or less enough to clear any doubts.

Now, why do I choose to keep my identity anonymous? I’ll try to be as clear as possible here: How does my face or my name even matter here, I don’t want any recognition, nor do I want to be in the line of any questions; these act is an expression of my views and thoughts and I’m not here to inflict them on others at all. You can choose to ignore them all together.

The burden of doom has been burnt.



Adopt Two Super-Cute Kittens In Mumbai

kittensI have two super-cute kittens with me, and they’re only a month old. They eat raw chicken and cat food, and are extremely energetic and playful. Anybody who wants to take home these cute kitties can call me on 9920041058.

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