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A Former Borderline Alcoholic, After Six Months Of Sobriety

I wanted/needed a lifestyle change. A healthier one. I was growing increasingly tired of feeling that drinking regularly was a heroic activity. Same old routine. The waiters didn’t even have to ask what I wanted. They’d put a quarter of my brand of whisky and a bottle of soda on the table and go to get the ice. So often, almost every day, for the last 15 years I drank alcohol. I don’t think any occasion was complete without alcohol. In fact, if there wasn’t anything to drink, it wasn’t even an occasion. I was the most enthusiastic drinker I knew. Always ready to drink. I used to drink with ALL my friends… guys, girls, everyone. And then there was those two-three times in a month when I’d be by myself and say, “Let me drink in peace today.” I knew I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I also knew I wasn’t the guy who could have a pint or two every Sunday or two small drinks every night and go home. I’d drink till the booze was there, every day. It was time to find a new way to look at life. Where I could see things clearly and remember how I fell asleep the night before. I was done with calling my mum to say I’d have dinner the next day, and then rushing off to a bar by 7, coming home wasted and then waking up feeling like shit the next morning. My friends laughed every time I announced I was going to quit smoking. I said that every night for around five of the fifteen years that I smoked away. They’d ask me if I was quitting the next day and then they’d laugh, and they’d tell each other, “He’s quitting for ever!” Then they’d all laugh. Then I quit smoking cigarettes, grass and hash on April 7, 2011. World Health Day. They thought I’d get back to it in two-three months. They’ve stopped laughing. They’d even laugh when I used to tell them I was sick of drinking. They didn’t find it funny when I announced it on the blog, because they know I never bullshit on the blog. Nobody’s fucking laughing. Ain’t nobody ever gonna laugh now. I don’t miss getting drunk. I miss drinking good beer and writing beer reviews. I was the only guy in this country doing it. But I know I can’t have another beer again. Not one pint, not one sip. Because then there’ll be no end, and I’ll have to start all over again. And I can’t think of a better way of setting an example for others. I mean, I’m not a lifelong puritan. I’m a reformed sinner. I don’t want to sound righteous or anal. I’m never gonna preach to kids or my friends. All I can do is set an example with my actions. I didn’t quit smoking when girlfriends wanted me to. I quit smoking and drugs when I felt ready to make that change. It was the same with drinking. I was ready for another way of life, and for this new way of life, I had to remove alcohol from my path. It was supposed to be harder than quitting cigarettes and drugs, because smoking had become a pain, while drinking alcohol was always pleasurable. But it was very easy to quit drinking alcohol because my body, mind and spirit were not enjoying it anymore. In fact, they were pleading to be freed from it. The same way I didn’t try to quit smoking, I didn’t try to quit drinking… I just quit. There was nothing to control because there were no cravings or urges and I had simply lost the will to drink. I quit, that’s it. More than anyone else and anything else, I owed it to myself.

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Quitting Alcohol: A Beer Lover Must Stop Drinking

After all these beers, so many whiskies, the rare trysts with rum and vodka, and the occasional shots of tequila, my relationship with alcohol reached an end. I have always believed alcohol is a great drug – it’s legal, and wonderful if utilized correctly. It has helped me cope in several difficult phases, and has given me countless amazing memories, despite the blackouts. But it’s no longer beneficial to me, and I no longer need it, and being the selfish person I must be, and to move on to more interesting hobbies and pastimes, I have to stop the use of alcohol completely. Of all the benefits alcohol gives, when I quit drinking, I will be robbing myself of one of my greatest passions: writing beer reviews. It has been most joyous for me to leave the house in search of new beers; to bring them home; to take photos of them in a glass next to their bottles or cans; to listen to them being poured; to see their beauty; to smell their fragrance; to taste them in all their magnificence; to marvel at how they feel on my tongue, in my mouth, and while going down my throat; to get inebriated by them eventually, and to write about it all, of course. For several reasons, and with a heavy heart, I’m waving goodbye to alcohol. The pending posts on beer and a recent visit to a vineyard will be published soon… or as late as early next year. I look forward to a time when this nation can boast of many microbreweries, and to a time when beer guzzlers of our country get drunk on craft beer and raise mugs of chilled, fresh brew to the Indian sky.


Whisk(e)y Funeral


All Jains Are Poseurs

With paryushan coming up this week, it only seems right to let my Jain relatives know how shit really is. Okay, let’s do this without abusive language because I don’t want people fainting during their eight-day fasts.

I’ll address two points here, both related to diet. Jainism forbids the consumption of onions, garlic and potatoes.

Potatoes and other root plants, according to Jain websites, have millions of bacteria, and small insects are killed during the harvest of these plants. But has any Jain ever stopped to think how we get milk and dairy products? A cow is kept in captivity all its life in a tabela for its milk which another species wants to ingest. Even calves stop drinking their mother’s milk after a point, but we humans don’t understand that it’s unnatural to drink the milk of other animals. Being milked regularly, by the way, drastically decreases the lifespan of the cow, which is worse for your karma than eating a plate of French fries, don’t you think? Think about it the next time you reach out for a glass of buttermilk.

Onions and garlic are avoided because they inflame the passion, or to put it simply, increase sexual desire. In that case, Jains should avoid movies, music and television and even books and newspapers, because these will make them hornier than anything they eat will. Hell, stop looking at attractive people too.

Now before anyone tries to defend their stance with lame points, here’s the thing: If you eat onions or garlic or potatoes, you’re not a true Jain, because you’re breaking the rules that best set you apart from the rest of the world, so don’t bother trying to justify the other choices that were made for you before you could start thinking for yourself.

And if you drink milk or consume any dairy product, you’re a participant in a practice much crueler than eating bhelpuri the way normal people eat it – with kanda, bataka ane lasan ni chutney.

So you’re not a true Jain if you eat onions, garlic or potatoes, and it has just been proved that true Jainism isn’t all that cruelty-free either, which means you’re all poseurs. Happy paryushan.


Raving And Ranting About Drug Users

To a sobered Bombay, a hung-over Gujarat and a world on drugs

Drugs remain a taboo because we choose to keep it that way. What goes on at jungle raves and beach raves goes on at clubs and house parties too, the difference being that a jungle or beach party would have much higher levels of energy. And raves are the ones that get busted by cops more than any other type of event. But what authorities don’t know is that police raids on such parties can cause more harm than do good. Partygoers running helter-skelter – sober and clean people running because they have a train to catch the next afternoon, others running because they are on drugs. People chucking all their stash and fleeing by leaping over high walls, escaping by hiding in garbage bins for hours, or breaking a leg by jumping from a dangerous height in fear of being caught by cops who claim they want don’t want to harass the drug users and only want information on where the drugs are coming from.

The whole damn world knows where the maal is sold: right under the police’s nose. But legalization is too much to ask for, even if it means that charas and ganja will be bought and sold legally and people will get to smoke unadulterated stuff, and that corruption will decrease because the police will not be able to take hafta from peddlers and bribes from scared youngsters and the Government will make a killing with the revenue generated from sales of recreational drugs.

Look at Gujarat. Supposedly a dry state, but a bazaar for bootleggers, with alcohol in every form being sold at costly rates… and who’s buying? Almost everybody is. Some might say lifting the ban on alcohol in Gujarat may encourage youngsters to drink, but imagine what happens when a young driver gets drunk on his dad’s bottle o’ bootlegged and is stopped by cops. That’s right – not only is driving drunk a crime, but in the land of Gandhi, even drinking is a crime. So, the fellow steps on the gas in panic, the alcohol and adrenalin playing havoc with his mind, and rams the car into something or someone he shouldn’t. That day will come sooner or later, Gujarat. In Bombay, we’ll jail the drunk driver. In Ahmedabad, you’ll have only yourselves to blame.

We’re the ones who criminalize the use of drugs. For some reason, we’re afraid to let others know that we have used drugs to our advantage, that they have helped us greatly and that we would have been far less aware of ourselves and things around us had we not taken those drugs. It’s not necessary to announce to the boss that he would have a great time smoking pot or to inform everyone at a family function that they’re all idiots because they haven’t dropped acid, but to not acknowledge that which has played a positive role in our lives is to disrespect it. Hey, if we can be grateful to a god who won’t rise for a turkey that didn’t come flying from heaven, and if we can praise an invisible god for everything that happens even though it was the butcher who slaughtered the goat, we can surely give credit where it’s overdue, yeah?

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You Know My Name

Adityas are the Hindu gods of celestial light.

From Wikipedia:

“The Adityas being Solar deities have been described in the Rig Veda as bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless, perfect.”

“In the later Puranic texts, all Hindu deities were referred to as Adityas. Hence, the number of Adityas increased to 330,000,000.(tettees koti)”

According to a ‘Hindu Website‘ :

The Adityas represent light of whom Surya, the sun god is the most prominent. Their names are also used as the epithets of Surya, suggesting their connection with one another and their nature as light beings.  “Bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless, perfect,” these are gods of light, with many eyes (rays) corresponding to the 12 months of the year and described as the 12 spokes of the wheel of time. The Adityas are upholders of Laws. ” Upholding that which moves and that which moves not, Adityas, Gods, protectors of all beings, provident, guarding well the world of spirits, true to eternal Law, the debt-exactors,” they illuminate the world, drive away darkness, nourish the beings, regulate relationships and personify the laws of the universe and mankind.  “Golden and splendid, pure like streams of water, they hold aloft the three bright heavenly regions.   Ne’er do they slumber, never close their eyelids, faithful, far-ruling for the righteous mortal.” Lord Vishnu was originally a solar deity and later elevated to the status of a trinity God as preserver of the world, who incarnates upon earth from time to time to rescue the world and the dharma from the oppression of evil and social disorder.

My maternal grandfather taught me the Teertha Shloka, the only Sanskrit I know.

From Wikipedia:

Teertha Shloka

In the end, Teertha Shloka is chanted / recited.


“ādityasya namaskaraṁ ye kurvanti dinedine |

janmāṁ tarasahasre ṣudridhryaṁ nopajāyate ||

akālamṛtyuharaṇm sarvavyādhivinaśanam |

sūryapādodakaṁ tīrtham jaṭharedhārayāmyaham || ”


“Those who perform Soorya Namaskars daily, do not face poverty in life [this actually relates to Richness of Health, not financial matters], one does not face early death or suffer from diseases. Drink the water kept before The Sun”.


World, You’ve Got Your Revenge

An April Fool joke I played on my fellow metalheads last year turned on me this morning. It’s been a fortnight since I last smoked hash, and the clouds in my head cleared and presented my mind with a horrific nightmare.

I was chilling at Anjuna Beach, and Metallica was playing live. No, that’s not the nightmare! Listen on…

Imagine that – ‘Tallica playing live on Anjuna Beach in Goa, no less.

So, the legendary Metallica was on a tiny stage facing Curlie’s with their backs towards the sea. The Anjuna sea is gorgeous, but it was late in the evening and so, very dark.

The crowd was huddled together on the steps of Curlie’s, that infamous shack, but wasn’t like a Metallica audience in any way. No screaming, no headbanging, no cussing – just cheering and clapping between songs.

Then it hit me that Metallica had become so predictable – everyone had seen videos of their shows and everyone knew exactly what was going to happen when. I even knew at which point James Hetfield was going to exclaim, “J-yeah!”

Anyway, I wasn’t excited at all and started pacing up and down like I do all the time. Then I felt like taking a shit and found myself in a posh loo… naked. Just when I was about to let go of the unwanted, I heard the opening notes to Enter Sandman. Then it really hit me – the greatest band in the world was performing at Anjuna Beach in Goa to a select crowd, and there I was, taking a dump while they launched into the opening cut of the greatest heavy metal album ever.

Bas, that’s it – then I woke up feeling very ashamed of myself.

Even my nightmares are so classy that I feel like the protagonist of Satyajit Ray’s Nayak.

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