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The Most Powerful Speech I’ve Ever Heard


Gig Review: Djinn & Miskatonic LIVE at Catatonia Fest 2014

djinn and miskatonic 2I BROKE OUT OF AESTIVATION to watch Djinn & Miskatonic, Bangalore’s finest and only proper doom metal band, at Catatonia Fest 2014 in Thane. They’d been scheduled as the final act of the night, and with no disrespect, I wished they’d been given the opening slot, so that I could enjoy their performance while the evening was fresh and the energy levels were high, and fuck back off to the comfort of my home immediately after. But god was never on my side, as Albatross (a band I have watched way too many times) would say. I missed Gaia’s Throne, whose performance, I’m told, was fantastic. Next time, for sure! Chaos did pump some life back into the day, and their guitar levels should’ve been louder, because Nikhil Wartooth’s riffs are quite a treat, especially when the band goes all Slayer on us.

djinn and miskatonic 1Misery loves Jayaprakash Satyamurthy and company, which is perhaps why Djinn & Miskatonic craft traditional doom metal like no other band in India. If the doomsayers from Bangalore were disappointed at the low number of people who stayed back for their set, they hid it very well, but one could tell they were drained from all the waiting. Despite their dismay, Djinn & Miskatonic treated the remaining few to songs old and new, performing like undertakers on a graveyard shift. The YouTube link below this review is for the ‘metalheads’ who ran away because it was past their bedtime; there can be no excuses for not listening to what you missed out on last night. Thane and Mumbai owe Djinn & Miskatonic an apology right now and a better slot and bigger audience next time.

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FREE DOWNLOADS: In The Name Of Satan | Snowless | The Darkness Of Being | Devil Worship


IRWIE VAZ, the axis of Naked Earth | PRADEEP MIRANDA, on why Pin Drop Violence ended



EXCLUSIVE: Welcoming Trooper – the Iron Maiden beer – to India | BEER REVIEW: Trooper Ale


Aditya Mehta on Headbanger’s Kitchen

So, how many bands do you know that have a dish named after them or one of their albums or songs? As a guest on Headbanger’s Kitchen, I was presented a fried dish called Snowless Chicken Kiev, which The Demonstealer has named after my Black Metal band Solar Deity‘s depressive-suicidal black metal single. I got to taste the food only after an interview packed with almost every question The Demonstealer wanted me to answer on his cookery show.

I now think I should’ve skipped the questions on Satanism and Black Metal instead of struggling to answer them differently as I had nothing to add to what has already been said and written before, but what the hell, it’s not everyday you get to see the Solar Deity frontman disoriented (the result of long-term marijuana abuse) and being ruthlessly interrogated by the Demonic Resurrection frontman about what he really thinks of everything from his other band Exhumation to all the ass-licking local wuss bands that have no idea what being metal is about.

The Snowless Chicken Kiev is truly a feast for the senses (you can see in the video how enticing it looks), and as I slowly chewed the succulent chicken, the butter and garlic worked their magic on my tongue, and I shook my head in delight like any Gujarati does involuntarily every time some delicious food enters his belly and adds vitality to the darkness of his being and new meaning to his life.

The first 11 minutes of the episode offer you a fascinating lesson from The Demonstealer himself, as he shows you exactly how to prepare what will henceforth be known in the worlds of music and food as Snowless Chicken Kiev. The rest of the episode has him grilling me with some tough questions which people usually ask me anonymously on I thank The Demonstealer for inviting me to Headbanger’s Kitchen to gorge on his crunchy-on-the-outside and melt-in-your-mouth-on-the-inside Snowless Chicken Kiev, and of course, for helping me make some new enemies!

That, and my brother says I should use a concealer to hide my dark under-eye circles (the result of long-term alcohol abuse). Anyway, go ahead and try The Demonstealer’s Snowless Chicken Kiev recipe, and I hope you like the interview as well!



Can You Smell What The Demonstealer Is Cooking?

For long has the Indian metal underground been embarrassed by musicians clueless about what they’re doing in the scene, and their utter obliviousness unfailingly shows up every time they open their mouths to speak. What you’re about to get, however, is a lethal dose of straight dope on all things related to metal from this part of the world. Prepare yourselves for blasphemous chanting on Headbanger’s Kitchen: if you’ve had enough of pseudo-thrashers and their hilarious macho posturing, if you’re done laughing at deathcore/metalcore wimps giggling at their lame inside jokes, if the ominous sounds from the video below strike fear in your hearts, if you’re certain the metalhead chef’s incantations will raise the dead, if you believe you were born under the sign of the bacon pentagram, if you know what I mean, and if you smell… what The Demonstealer is cooking.


Devil Worship (EP, 2013) | The Darkness Of Being (EP, 2012) | Snowless (Single, 2012) | In The Name Of Satan (EP, 2012)


Welcoming Trooper – the Iron Maiden beer – to India

It’ll certainly be a swill.

After 10 months of waiting for Trooper, the ale brewed by Robinsons, I can’t wait another 10 days. Mainly because of my drinking problem, but also because waiting this long has killed my interest in the beer. My friend Prayag said he’ll review it for this website, so I’m not worried.

Earlier this week I sent an email to Yeast India Company asking if there was a way I could buy a couple of pints of Trooper before its launch in Mumbai on December 1. Since I haven’t got a reply this time (they did respond to my first email which I’d sent to ask for details about the launch), I suppose my request has been dishonored. Of course I don’t deserve special treatment, but I’d like it very much, especially because I’ve been a beer enthusiast faithfully visiting liquor stores all over twice a week, hunting for new imports and dutifully writing about them, but primarily because I’m a beer-loving metal maniac whose introduction to heavy metal was Iron Maiden. 17 years of loving Maiden (I was 15 then, I’m 32 now) and being a drinking man.

Possessed by metal and tormented by alcohol.

But I’m a borderline alcoholic who falls asleep in bars and has to be awoken by polite company; a man who drinks with the enthusiasm of a young lad who has just discovered the pleasures of drinking, only to black out and awaken the next morning, wondering how he was sitting in the shady bar the previous night and the next moment was awake in bed in the morning, with no recollection of what transpired in between.

Sure, I’m off alcohol, after two nights of drinking even more than my usually excessive intake (birthday celebrations, you see?), having sworn for the 847th time to never put “that disgusting stuff” back in my body. But my willpower, strong as it is, might snap sometime next week, taking me straight to a bar where I’ll spend the Saturday evening getting systematically drunk.

Less than 24 hours before metalheads, out of love for Iron Maiden and readiness to drink alcohol, will throng to that pub/lounge (I don’t remember the name, but you can find out on Facebook) in Lower Parel, armed with a bona fide reason to get wasted. Show your love for Maiden by drinking Trooper. While there’s no doubt that Bruce Dickinson’s ale’s arrival in our city is a reason to celebrate, I can’t help being reminded of Mumbai Oktoberfest.

Of course every metalhead who drinks alcohol should sit back with several bottles of Trooper – hell, I’ll make a mad dash for it if I decide it’s not worth staying sober for the whole month of December, and I’m looking forward to Prayag’s review, but my prediction is that Trooper will be just another ale, which metalheads who didn’t care about high-quality brews until now will run to drink because it’s “the Iron Maiden beer”. Go on, prove your loyalty to heavy metal by drinking a beer.

I refuse to participate in this mockery of two of my greatest loves.

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Their First Rain

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These are my flatmates: A kitten (Tiger Memon), a rabbit couple (Necrocannibal Bloodthirsty and Moonbeam Snowflake) and their babies (Sugarcube Candyfloss and Ultimate Warrior). This morning they saw rain for the first time ever and were fascinated by the downpour. Excuse the bad pics, I’m no photographer.

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