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The Best Meal I Had In Karnataka In 2011

A thirst for trying local beer everywhere can lead one to discover bigger things. Despite having had a lunch looking at the Bangalore skyline from a restaurant on the 13th floor of Barton Center and a meal at a Singaporean restaurant, and despite having eaten authentic Andhra food from a banana leaf with my hands and a dinner with a view of the Tungabhadra River in Hampi, the best meal I had during my Bangalore-Hampi-Gokarna trip was at a cheap bar in Gokarna Village.

Wanting to cool myself after a walk in the market, I asked a wine shop owner if he had RC. He didn’t, but told me to sit in the bar that the wine shop was an extension of. Mohan Bar was a small room with men taking their afternoon drinks, and liking the setting, I told a waiter to get me a pint of every beer they had.

The beers were strong and not much else, but it was a hot afternoon in a state where people don’t care about a lot as long as the alcohol content in their beer is high. The food, though, was a delight. What they called ‘chicken biryani’ was a pulao of sorts. Served in a steel thali, the rice had pieces of boiled chicken in it, and it came with a coconut curry. This, along with a deep-fried mackerel in a thick gravy, was by far the most satisfying meal I had in that one week I spent in Karnataka.

So drunk was I after those strong lagers at Mohan Bar that I was admiring fields on the way back to Om Beach, convinced that people who don’t drink alcohol can’t see true beauty even when it’s all around them.


Beer Review: Royal Challenge

A man and his favourite lager were reunited after years of being apart. In the city of Bangalore, Royal Challenge beer was found in a few wine shops and cheap bars. Needless to say, many happy hours were spent in a bar. After small talk, the bar owner was pestered to rummage through his beer stock because this patron insisted on drinking his RC from a pint of every colour. Royal Challenge Premium is available only in pints, because this nation goes after the alcohol content in beer, not how it tastes. RC is a no-bullshit beer that doesn’t nurse ambitions. The premium lager has a smooth malt blend and is the most balanced lager this country has tasted so far. It’s a shame metros didn’t realize how good a drink Royal Challenge Premium Beer is, and as a result, Mumbai no longer gets to drink it. But one man has sworn an oath to consume as much of this beverage as he can every time he comes across it, a pint of a different hue each time.

RATING: 3.5/5


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