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Beer Snobbery 2

The next best thing about learning to appreciate good beer is that one is forced to cut down on drinking; it’s next to impossible to even consider settling for Foster’s or Carlsberg. The lack of great brews from our country is felt only when one sees beyond the Kingfisher bottle. Of course, the rest of the world is equally guilty of making bad beer, and some of it is terrible and undrinkable. But our nation has only one beer worth drinking – in a market full of lagers, the drink that stands apart is the delightful London Pilsner. The joke here is that even Vijay Mallya doesn’t know how good LP is, which is why it is a lot cheaper than United Breweries’ flagship beer Kingfisher Premium.

So many people have been complaining about how expensive alcohol has become. Not that it was inexpensive before, but the prices have shot up like crazy and everybody is feeling the pinch this time. With the prices rising this way and ours being a drinking nation, you’d think we’d have some ales or stouts, but there isn’t even a decent lager around.

One of these days I might be able to stop kicking myself for drinking Kingfisher Mild all these years; it’s been what, 14-15 years since I started drinking? And in between bottles of London Pilsner Mild and pitchers of Kingfisher Draught (from the tap, not the canned stuff), I’ll pay through my nose for imported beer – thrice the price for half as much.

The good news is, when the truly worthy beers become available at all the wine shops, their prices will go down, and liquor stores like Living Liquidz and Juben Wines that stock the fancy stuff will get even more fancy beers from outside India. No idea how fatboy slim Mallya will handle real beers going mainstream but let him lose a few kilos over it.


Drunk Cops Dance Outside Andheri Bar

Anyone wondering why the manager of The Blue Frog was arrested for “flouting norms” should know there are bars all across the city of Mumbai that carry on well beyond the 1:30 a.m. deadline.

On Friday night (technically Saturday morning) we witnessed a group of policemen dancing near Apna Dhaba past 3 a.m. Apna Dhaba is a bar in Saki Naka, Andheri East where people can drink till 4-5 a.m.

Waiters carried food parcels to the drunk cops who were doing a jig around the police car (MH 01 BA 578) and it’s because these bars pay hefty sums of money to the police that they can carry on with business till early in the morning.

Check out the cycle: Cops make merry with the cash they get from bar owners who cough up the money because they want to do business throughout the night.

The ones who refuse to get sucked into this cycle (The Blue Frog, in this case) get pulled up and are taught a lesson.

Now that I’ve done the dirty work (here’s the police vehicle number again: MH 01 BA 578), here’s your chance to do something more constructive than signing petitions and worrying about tigers and farmers; get this to the attention of people who might be able to do something about it and won’t just run off to paint a dumb wall.

Let Mumbai know that Bombay is not deaf, dumb or blind.


Mumbai Stubs Out Smoking Ban

City Youth Will Paint A Wall While Religion Destroys The Sea

India’s Pollution-Free Holiday

Going Where The Autorickshaw Wants To Take You


Eat & Drink All Night In Pune

So, Pune has a hookah joint – one at which you can eat and drink the night away. On Baner Road, Aundh, is a restaurant called SICE (Something I Can Eat) where you can eat at till about 1:30 am (that’s pretty late for Pune). But what you’ve got to do is ask the waiters of SICE for CO2, so they can guide you to a smoky underground place where you can smoke and drink till your lungs and liver beg for mercy above the blaring music. CO2 – Live The Smoke is where it’s at if you want to eat, drink, smoke or play pool or snooker all night long in Pune.


Beer Review: Stud Premium Lager

With that name and a taste that could make a guy give up drinking, Stud Premium Lager is a brew entitled more than any other beer to be called ‘horse piss.’  Available only in certain regions of Maharashtra, and this stuff actually sells quite a bit out there.


Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Null Komma Josef

Grabbed a can of Null Komma Josef on the way to Pune; non-alcoholic beer needs to be cheaper, considering it doesn’t have the main ingredient. Wish I had a glass to pour it into and check out the colour. The can says ‘Classic’, and it is a fine, strong drink. A strong non-alcoholic lager is what Null Komma Josef is, and as the brew gets warmer, it reveals a clean taste. Of course, it lacks the alcohol bite, but this is the best non-alcoholic beer I’ve had yet. If it tasted like a mild lager, I’d be drinking it very often. Full marks to Austria for Null Komma Josef!


Beer Review: Carlsberg

Jaipur, Rajasthan 2008

Not sure if it was 2008 or 2009 when I saw an ad outside a liquor store saying Carlsberg beer had arrived in India, but that was when I immediately agreed with my then girlfriend’s idea of her catching up on a girlie movie because she was sick of me being horny all the time.  That left me free to do something else (other manly stuff, of course). I dropped her home and on my way to wherever, picked up two 650 ml bottles of Carlsberg, in the hope of finding a brew extraordinaire. How predictable.

There is much to be said about guzzling beer hurriedly in an autorickshaw. It needs to be kept out of sight of policemen, and a pint of Carlsberg looks like a bottle of Sprite, but I have two big bottles of this import from Denmark. The beer also must be kept chilled; Carlsberg is an ordinary lager, okay to drink when chilled, with a faint rose-like flavour showing up as it gets warmer.

Carlsberg’s promotional slogan says it is “probably the best lager in the world”, a claim which I rubbish as I point you to Tuborg Green – another Danish brew, and one you’ll enjoy drinking.

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