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Beer Review: Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2009

This 500 ml bottle of Fuller’s Vintage Ale is brewed in limited batches and guess who found it in aamchi Mumbai? We picked up two of these classy beauties and were blown away more by the alcohol strength than the taste. The taste is good, of course – the syrupy tartness is instantly overpowered by the obvious 8.5% hatred this beer throws at you. Too fucking strong, two of these might make you pass out on the floor. We love that our bottles are numbered. Best before 2012 they say, but we’re having them in fucking ’11, and they taste really good, and they also say ‘Limited Edition’, scoring major points with the elitist choot in me. This 2009 creamy shit is quite complex, but I’m too drunk to recognize any flavour other than the caramel malt and I have a fucking cold, so excuse me. T2 says he likes this better than the Chimays he’s had, but he’s just drunk. I’d take any Chimay over this; hell, I’d take Fuller’s premium ale any day over this.

RATING: 3.5/5


Beer Review: Tooheys Old Black Ale

Good stuff from Australia!

The first time I had Tooheys Old Black Ale, I thought it was pretty close to having creamy, cold black caramel-coffee. I don’t know why it’s called “black ale” because it isn’t really black… more like reddish-brown. It’s a struggle trying to figure out the smell but the coffee-caramel taste is very out there and the sweetness-bitterness is balanced quite well. I’ve had it six or seven times to get to know it properly and won’t be buying it again, but I won’t even turn down a Tooheys Old Black Ale if offered one. Not a complex drink, but coffee drinkers will find this beer interesting.

RATING: 3.5/5


Beer Review: Fuller’s London Pride

Now look here, motherfuckers.

This is called a fucking drink.

It also happens to be the first and only British beer I’ve had so far and the fifth or sixth ale I’ve tasted. And the maltiest ale I’ve had yet.

Fuller’s London Pride has left me so impressed that I’m going to pick up a few more pints from Living Liquidz and drink them all on Sunday evening in a bid to understand ales better.

Just look at that. London Pride smells as good as it looks, and tastes even better than it smells.

For someone like me who’s training his senses to understand complex beers and their taste and smell, this ale is exciting as hell.

London Pride is medium-bodied and very smooth and flavorful. Caramel rules the smell and taste. Starts sweet and ends bitter.

The bottle says “Outstanding Premium Ale” and I say the same. It’s a fucking privilege to sit and drink this at home in Bombay.


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