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Gig Review: Djinn & Miskatonic LIVE at Catatonia Fest 2014

djinn and miskatonic 2I BROKE OUT OF AESTIVATION to watch Djinn & Miskatonic, Bangalore’s finest and only proper doom metal band, at Catatonia Fest 2014 in Thane. They’d been scheduled as the final act of the night, and with no disrespect, I wished they’d been given the opening slot, so that I could enjoy their performance while the evening was fresh and the energy levels were high, and fuck back off to the comfort of my home immediately after. But god was never on my side, as Albatross (a band I have watched way too many times) would say. I missed Gaia’s Throne, whose performance, I’m told, was fantastic. Next time, for sure! Chaos did pump some life back into the day, and their guitar levels should’ve been louder, because Nikhil Wartooth’s riffs are quite a treat, especially when the band goes all Slayer on us.

djinn and miskatonic 1Misery loves Jayaprakash Satyamurthy and company, which is perhaps why Djinn & Miskatonic craft traditional doom metal like no other band in India. If the doomsayers from Bangalore were disappointed at the low number of people who stayed back for their set, they hid it very well, but one could tell they were drained from all the waiting. Despite their dismay, Djinn & Miskatonic treated the remaining few to songs old and new, performing like undertakers on a graveyard shift. The YouTube link below this review is for the ‘metalheads’ who ran away because it was past their bedtime; there can be no excuses for not listening to what you missed out on last night. Thane and Mumbai owe Djinn & Miskatonic an apology right now and a better slot and bigger audience next time.

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Simon Santiago: ‘They’ll find another ass to lick when the shit runs out’

There was no annual interview on MKK last year because there wasn’t anybody in the underground music scene worth talking to, but among the hordes of flatterers, the gathering of cowards and the flocks of sheep, one man stands tall and plays by his own rules. Organizing show after show in Bangalore with little or no support, Dhiraj Simon Santiago brings outstation metal bands to the city and great live music to its metalheads. Here’s Simon speaking out on Mehta Kya Kehta! 

Two things became obvious during my last visit to Bangalore: the weather is always great and, contrary to how it may seem to those who are not in bands or organizing teams, your city’s underground scene isn’t united at all. Clearly there is a divide…

me(1) Simon: The weather is always almost awesome here. The Bangalore Underground scene has been around since the ’80s and started being serious in the late ’90s. I’ve been part of the scene as an organizer for over a year now, and as an audience for almost 4 years. Compared to most people that’s hardly anything. The reason why I started organizing shows is because of the fact that 2012 had 3 gigs. All played by the same bands. When there is a new kid on the block, there is hostility, and I’ve experienced it here. People bitch about people, and then make up and gang up. Like an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Opinions are seen as disregard, Facebook wall posts are seen as a fucking challenge. It’s a pathetic state of affairs. And now there are factions too. LOL.

I heard there was pressure on you to postpone the gig. This is something I don’t understand and it sounds very childish.

Simon: Nobody asked me to postpone a gig. Even if that happens, I’m not gonna postpone any gig. It’s a free world, man. Just like when I was told to not do gigs… well, see what happened: I did 6 metal gigs and 2 rock gigs, which involved 40+ bands. I don’t care if I’m premium material or not, all I care about is the stage, where bands come play to an audience.

This is now old news to many of us, but there are people trying to gain control over the whole Bangalore scene. It was shocking at first, and now it’s funny. My questions here are:

a)  Why would anybody want to control Bengaluru’s underground metal scene?

Simon: Firstly, trying to control a damn city and its scene is a funny idea. If I hadn’t found ION Bar and Kitchen as a venue, none of this would have happened. And the funniest part is the feedback received is fucking 0% constructive. Instead, people try and tear the place down on Facebook. That’s how funny it gets. Also the property either becomes awesome or is extremely fucked up depending on the organizer. So if anybody is trying to take over Bangalore, that really can’t happen, man. Not today, not fucking ever.

b) How can bands evict key members because of these wannabe tyrants?

Simon: Bro, honestly, that’s for the band to decide. If a band decides a player ain’t worth the presence, then I guess it’s justified. In the end, if people don’t grow balls, they tend to use others’. I have heard instances/rumours of band members being evicted, but haven’t been a witness. Can’t comment on that.

c) When are bands going to tell these people to fuck off? (Not that Bombay metal bands have a spine, but if anybody tries ordering a Mumbai band around, they will be laughed at in the face.)

me2Simon: Again, that will only happen when bands grow some balls. One of my friends while having a conversation mentioned: “The bands in the scene only write their lyrics based on courage/death/hatred/manly things. But they lack the balls to live it up.” True as fuck if you ask me, except for a few bands. There are instances where one band gets dissed to the extent of their CDs being given away as “bad music”. Next thing, the same people wave the white flag and talk like nothing happened. It’s that pathetic.

I don’t mean to sound like a dick here, but I don’t think there are too many good metal bands around. I can’t think of more than six or seven bands that seem to have an idea of what they’re doing, and I mean six or seven bands from all over India.

Simon: Bro, actually, there are immense number of bands with great talent. One cannot judge a band when they haven’t seen them play. Forget having seen them play, if a band put out a record without playing live, you think it’s going to be great? It’s pathetic the way certain bands, people do it for the money and then say how much they support the “scene”.                                  .

This interview will open a lot of eyes that haven’t seen past the ass-licking that goes on on Facebook all the time. I don’t think even Rocco (the porn star) has performed that much analingus.

Simon: Opening eyes and all I don’t give a fuck about. The ass wipes I don’t care about. I do not claim to be not affected by this bullshit, but I have chosen to ignore it. Hopefully they find another ass to lick when the shit runs out.

Or maybe the ass will go looking for new mouths and tongues. Thanks for your time and these cool answers, Simon!

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Exhumation Is Coming Back To Bludgeon You At Domination: The Deathfest V

Exhumation Is Coming Back To Bludgeon You At Domination: The Deathfest V

That’s right! We’re so fucking sick of the fag-ass core scene in Mumbai that we’re bringing Exhumation back to crush your balls with select cuts from our discography. Along with brutal death metal from us you’ll be treated to some of the heaviest bands in the country that want to slap the shit out of all these core poseurs, so for the safety of the hipsters Nitin Rajan has decided to keep the event just outside Bombay. Come to United 21 this Sunday and listen to some true metal, and if you see a couple of bands wanking on stage you can lynch them to prove how true you are. Black/thrash wizards Witchgoat are coming from Bangalore, black metallers Insane Prophecy are coming from Guwahati, slam/grind monsters Gutslit are coming from the slaughterhouse, and Exhumation is coming straight from hell, so you can step out of your girlfriend’s lingerie at last and attend the first real extreme-music event this part of the country has seen in years. Get drunk, enjoy the brutality, smash some poseurs and go home with some cool merchandise… see you in Thane this Sunday!

Solar Deity T-shirts and CDs will be available at Domination: The Deathfest V

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Choosing My Religion

Little do Metallica fans know that after the band’s smashing concert in India, vocalist/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield had a secret meeting with none other than Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in aamchi Mumbai. The ‘Tallica frontman decided that he wanted to turn into a religious nut just like Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, and so, Hetfield went to the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati, where the Big B advised our man Jaymz to start walking the holy path by seeing how he felt about Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. mehta toons - choosing my religionDedicated to all the Metallibashers who couldn’t make it to the Bangalore concert after the Delhi fiasco.

Illustration by Saloni Sinha | Text & Concept by Aditya Mehta


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Trendslaughter Fest 2013 Ticket Prices + Venue Details


Buy early bird tickets for 500 rupees only (inclusive of a free beer at TSF III) or feel fucked paying 700 rupees (inclusive of a free beer at TSF III) on Feb 10th at the venue! Feel free to contact us for your tickets today!trendslaughter ticket pass 2013 festival india

#8, 2nd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza (Nalli Silks)
Opposite Home Stop Store, Diagonally opposite Garuda Mall
Magrath Road , Ashok Nagar
Bangalore – 560025no limmits

NEWS: Solar Deity announces final lineup

POSTER: Trendslaughter Festival 2013

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Solar Deity to make live debut at Trendslaughter Festival 2013

trendslaughter festival 3 2013

How thrilled Solar Deity is going to be about playing shows after February ’13 I’ll have to wait and see, because nothing will quite match up to the excitement of being selected as the opening act for Trendslaughter Festival III. Being the prestigious event all Indian extreme-metal bands aspire to have their name associated with, it is the first time the TSF team has picked a band that has never played anywhere before. It is a very big deal for Solar Deity, and we are overwhelmed that the organizers liked our music enough to consider us worthy of a slot at India’s most important annual underground ceremony. That a few gentlemen in Bangalore have not only acknowledged our work but are going out of their way to ensure this band gets to perform alongside some splendid underground acts is what will make the moonless night of February 10, 2013 even more special for us. Of course, nothing will prepare you for the live ritual attack.

Click here to view TrendSlaughter Festival’s Facebook page

Haven’t heard Solar Deity? In The Name Of Satan | Snowless | The Darkness Of Being



Concert Review: Slayer in Bangalore, India

Photos by Nikita Shah, Ashwin Dutt, Aashay Samant and Yash Pathak

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Namaste,” he said, joining his hands in the traditional Indian way of greeting, “I want to thank you all for coming here tonight.” Rarely has Tom Araya been known to smile, but Saturday evening gave him a reason to use that facial expression several times. Opening with the title track of their latest, and down a few classics, Slayer delivered a punch with a relatively newer song. The assault then went uphill as Kerry King, bald and tattooed and reliable as ever, swung his axe and nodded his head as his legendary band played terrific songs that have enthralled us for years. Most would say Dave Lombardo stole the show with his high-energy performance, and even though I love Paul Bostaph more, the original Slayer drummer was thundering, to say the least. “Shukriya, mere dosto”, said Araya, in that only voice which can silence Satan Himself, and the gods left the stage briefly as the crowd, which had head-banged and moshed like never before, chanted the band’s name in unison, knowing very well that the thrash kings would be back for an encore. Gary Holt, filling in for Jeff Hanneman, played his guitar like the master he is, soloing the hell out with that Exodus wristband on his right arm. The setlist is unimportant, as is this review which has been written only to tell you that there were no stars above us because the mighty Slayer blew every single one of them out of the sky that night, and to let Tom Araya know that he doesn’t need to tell us that he’ll keep us “for-fuckin’-ever”, because we’ve always belonged to Slayer.


Solar Deity’s The Darkness Of Being (Atmospheric Black Metal)

Solar Deity’s Snowless (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal)

Solar Deity’s In The Name Of Satan (Satanic Black Metal)

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