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Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Just a not-so-short walk away from Om Beach is the popular Kudle Beach. Popular because it is not elitist like Om Beach, and that you can tell from its welcoming vibe. It’s very easy to get accommodation at Kudle Beach; the lodge owners aren’t stuck-up assholes who rent places out only to foreigners; they’re as happy to have Indians around. Compared to Om Beach, there are more shacks at Kudle Beach, but that doesn’t mean the food is better – it just means that you have more options. Most of the food served at the shacks is mediocre, and you should stick to vegetarian fare if you’re there off season. Like Om Beach, Kudle Beach can be reached by climbing down boulders; it’s why you don’t see old weak people at these two Gokarna beaches – they either can’t get to them, or they can’t get out.

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Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach considers itself an entity separate from Gokarna. Just a few kilometres away from Gokarna village, Om Beach is the retreat for those who want to relax on a tranquil beach with no disturbances. The shoreline has the shape of the ‘Om’ symbol, explaining how the beach got its name. A few lodges and shacks run across the stretch of this beach; cheap accommodation that’s not available to everyone: especially during season time, the shacks are let out to foreign tourists and not Indians. The food served at the shacks is similar to the rubbish you get at most places in Goa: poor attempts at Israeli and continental cuisine, pathetic pancakes and half-assed Indian fare. You have to climb down huge rocks to get to the beach, and it’s worth staying there if you want a peaceful beachside holiday.

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