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Beer Review: Kingfisher Draught (On Tap)

Consider yourself lucky if you get this beer fresh, because most places serve this in a lethally stale form. Medium-bodied and dry, Kingfisher Draught has a decent balance of malt and hops, and has a faint alcohol bite which gets stronger as the beer warms. A pitcher or two of this stuff can go down easily but can also give you a nasty hangover.



Beer Review: Khajuraho

This super strong beer which claims it is the “Pride of India” comes in a Kingfisher bottle. Khajuraho has been around since before I started drinking but I’m having it tonight for the first time only to write about it. It’s an, as we all know, extremely strong beer. The label says “alcoholic strength exceeding 8.75%”, and Khajuraho, as I expected, is too sweet. This fizz-less monster has the colour of jaggery and is a beer people drink when they want to get knocked out.  

RATING: 1.5/5



Beer Review: Black Eagle

Another inexpensive beer (it’s priced even lower than almost as cheap as London Pilsner) has turned out to be an unworthy drink. Black Eagle, which calls itself “100% Mauritian”, is a light, clean drink that can be guzzled in huge quantities. No alcohol bite, no metallic aftertaste even though it comes in a can, and even with the alcohol strength at 5%, it goes down easier than a Breezer. Unfortunately, Black Eagle tastes like soda.



Beer Review: Das Schwarze

Got to try this last month because Alaap Anklesaria was kind enough to share it. Another beer that looks like cola, this dark brown drink with an okayish lacing is my first schwarzbier. Das Schwarze smells and tastes of caramel, malt and has the coffee-toffee thing going on. I won’t be having this again but I’m glad I got to try it. Thanks, Alaap!



Beer Snobbery 3

Every few years, there is a disturbing change of beer trends in magical Goa. There was the local pilsner King’s, which ruled the scene. Then, Kingfisher took over and reigned until recently and now Tuborg has dethroned India’s most popular beer. They’re a lot cheaper at the beach shacks than they are at the liquor stores (“wine shops”) in Mumbai, but the next time we’re in Goa… I’ll be sippin’ water, thank you.

Speaking of ‘popular’, I think there’s a connection between Kingfisher and other popular stuff. Like god, for example. Or take any popular notion that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. While it’s totally understandable that not everyone can admit they were wrong or fooled after a lifetime of believing in something, it’s baffling how people will belligerently continue to thrust forth their contrasting opinion in a show of loyalty to that which is obviously false.

It’s like trying to start a conversation with me by stating that a certain band whose only claim to fame is playing covers of Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer is the best thing to happen to metal. It never works.

Fuck all that – I laughed my head off talking to this delivery man who happens to be a London Pilsner loyalist. He told me how he’d bought the costlier Kingfisher thinking it’d be his birthday treat and that it ruined his celebration because, as he told me in Hindi, that beer fucking stinks.

It feels so good to be on a break from alcohol, especially after a visit to a microbrewery which poured into my life a truly great beer that… yeah, that’s right – no more shitty beer posts from me for a very long time. So if you’re too lazy to visit a microbrewery or too cheap to buy quality brew, the least you can do as someone who cares about what they put in their body is drink the only good Indian macrobrew around. And be sure to pester the wine shop owner for the the classic green bottle.

I wonder if anyone has broken it to Vijay Mallya yet…



Beer Review: Doolally’s Premium 36

The second of the three brews that were available during Beer Olympics 2011, Doolally’s Premium 36 is a typical American adjunct lager. Dull taste, stale aftertaste, sits like a thick coat on the tongue. Avoid.


Review: Doolally’s German Wheat Beer

Revew: Doolally’s Apple Cider


Beermageddon 5

When people tell me they drank fancy beer and enjoyed it, I feel like my hard work is really paying off. Imagine my joy when Ashwin Dutt (drummer, The Riot Peddlers) announced that he was done with drinking shitty beer and raided Living Liquidz with me. Before I could recommend anything, the fucker had plucked out some great beers for himself. Not bad at all for someone who drinks only to get drunk and doesn’t care about how alcohol tastes. It was the strong trappist ale that knocked Ashwin out.




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