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Theory of Negation and Some More Negation


Before I begin, I would like to thank Aditya for letting me write this piece for MKK. Not many places that spew actual truth like this website does, mutual asslicking is the bane of progress and it is only through the way of realization of the cold, hard, bitter truth that excellence can be achieved.

dushyant dubeySo I’ve been around for a while, even though most MKK readers might not find me familiar, I’ve been the editor of Metalabad, a website that has been providing coverage for the Gujarat Rock scene since the past five years. Recently, I moved to Bombay to complete an internship and even more recently, I happened to attend a concert in the city.

“Grand Mammoth Festival” it was called. Although a more apt title would have been “Modest Mammoth Pub gig” but regardless of the name, the concert had some promising bands on the lineup which included the newly formed Trinergic (or did Dystopia change their name? idk), the quickly-moving-up-the-ranks Orion, Cosmic Infusion, Atmosfear and Zygnema. There were two other bands namely Fire Monx and Orcus who I shall not talk about since I wasn’t able to see them.

So I get to the venue and I take a look around, I see several familiar faces, faces belonging to the Bombay Metal scene, the oh-so-holy community that is looked up to by cities with smaller scenes such as mine. We all strive to be like Bombay some day, it’s a struggle, a dream, but it’s there. The Bombay scene and its bands are benchmarks of what we all want to be like, eventually, at some point.

I ask someone, “Has the concert begun?” to which I received an affirmative reply. I was late to the gig, but even so, what really made me ask this question was the fact that there was a large crowd of people outside the venue, happily drinking away at the bar and chatting with their buddies.

Not sure what to make of this, I went inside. The band Trinergic had just taken the stage. Comprised of nothing but pure talent, these guys were bringing the place down with their tight set. What I couldn’t help notice though was how there were barely any people inside the venue compared to the droves of drunkards I saw outside.

It’s probably just for the opening bands, I told myself, unable to reason with such ignorance and stuck around, relishing and basking in the sound of live Heavy Metal that we’re so starved for back in our home towns. Trinergic finished their set and Orion came on, I saw a few fresh faces enter, probably the friends and supporters of the band who went straight up to the front row. I strolled to the balcony and noticed that the numbers outside had only grown bigger.

The next band was Atmosfear, SURELY people were going to come in now! This band’s on the main bill after all! Such an experienced, almost universally-acclaimed band in the Metal circles shall surely see some serious fanfare!


The same thing happened, people outright refused to come in. Sure there was a small crowd of folks that just enjoyed every single moment of the Atmosfear experience, exactly how it’s meant to be, but the amount of people that just didn’t care was beyond logic.

Cosmic Infusion met similar fate. It was still a delight to see a small legion of dedicated fans sing along to their songs, a rare occurrence for a band that hasn’t been around too long.

and then… Zygnema is announced.

Suddenly, all the people who were outside this entire time (We’re talking 3+ hours) decide to lumber their asses inside the venue.

“JIGNEMAAAHHH!!11” an enthusiastic fan bellowed, a cry which was echoed by the rest and deservedly so, Zygnema’s a talented powerhouse of a band and deserve all this and more.

The setlist starts off with one of their famous numbers, before being stopped abruptly by the venue manager since the time limit had been crossed.

and this is when it was “Shell broken hell loose” for all the fanboys.

“Manager ki ma ki chut!” the crowd screamed in unison, displaying their hardcoreness and proving their fandom while simultaneously bringing a definitive end to anything Metal ever happening at the venue again. A visibly distraught organizer held his head in disappointment as hordes of “Metalheads” hurled abuses at the manager and complained in a similar vein to grannies that didn’t get their prescription laxatives on time.

It is a matter of another discussion that our rebels went in silent mode upon the appearance of hulky bouncers though.

So all of this is happening and I start hearing about how “150 rupya waste hua” and “main 2 ghante travel kiya” from several of the attendants. Bear in mind that these were the same folks that chose to stay outside during the whole concert, only bothering to hobble inside when their favorite band came to play.

Now my diatribe is this. Each and every one of the bands that played inside the venue on that evening, worked hard. Each band spent a lot of good time into getting things right and if someone were to ask me to rate the bands that played, there wouldn’t be too much difference in how amazingly tight all the bands (including Zygnema) were on stage and how much heart and soul they put into their performance.

But while such performances were in progress, “cool” folks preferred to stay outside. This isn’t limited to your regular scene-kid either, I’m talking about the Big Shows and the Rikishis of the scene. People that post status messages about how the scene should support them and their bands, people that are regarded as the flag bearers of the entire community. What is a random scene kid supposed to think when these very people refuse to support their fellow musicians?

Obviously it’s not a cool thing to do anymore, who gives a shit about staying for the entire concert right? No band’s as amazing as the band that I’m supporting! It’s like picking a side to support, except that’s not the way it works.

There’s only one side in our music, Heavy fucking Metal!

I’ve had this discussion with several folks since, is this because of there being an abundance, an excess? From my “outsider” point of view, I cannot imagine people in the cities of Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Baroda, Surat etc. wanting to miss out on even a single second of any concert that happens! The crowds are so passionate and hungry to listen to Metal that quite figuratively, nothing else matters.

But maybe we’re too intelligent now, we know too much or we’ve listened to too much music. We’ve all become critics, dismissive of any band that’s not up to our standards and happy to ignore their existence until someone “cool” makes it a thing to acknowledge them instead.

This is an Indie scene. Relatively free from the clutches of corporate talons so far. But the only way its ever going to get anywhere is if this ignorant, piece of shit attitude comes to an end. The reason people stopped being ignorant and opened up to Rock Music was why the scene came to be in the first place!

This doesn’t mean providing showers of praise and verbal fellatio to artists either, in my opinion there’s no bigger motivator than critics and criticism. But whoever you are, whatever you do, if you’re into Metal, give your scene a chance.

With this I’ll end this article, please leave feedback in comments.

Dushyant Dubey

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Exhumation Is Coming Back To Bludgeon You At Domination: The Deathfest V

Exhumation Is Coming Back To Bludgeon You At Domination: The Deathfest V

That’s right! We’re so fucking sick of the fag-ass core scene in Mumbai that we’re bringing Exhumation back to crush your balls with select cuts from our discography. Along with brutal death metal from us you’ll be treated to some of the heaviest bands in the country that want to slap the shit out of all these core poseurs, so for the safety of the hipsters Nitin Rajan has decided to keep the event just outside Bombay. Come to United 21 this Sunday and listen to some true metal, and if you see a couple of bands wanking on stage you can lynch them to prove how true you are. Black/thrash wizards Witchgoat are coming from Bangalore, black metallers Insane Prophecy are coming from Guwahati, slam/grind monsters Gutslit are coming from the slaughterhouse, and Exhumation is coming straight from hell, so you can step out of your girlfriend’s lingerie at last and attend the first real extreme-music event this part of the country has seen in years. Get drunk, enjoy the brutality, smash some poseurs and go home with some cool merchandise… see you in Thane this Sunday!

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Gig Review: Cosmic Infusion, Stark Denial and Gutslit


The first extreme metal gig of the year in Bombay was held at Blue Frog in Lower Parel. Blue Frog is one of the many places that have mushroomed over the city in the time I’ve been away and first impressions weren’t bad, if meager portions at exorbitant prices in a nicely done setting are your idea of a good meal. It’s a bit awkward for a metal gig, the cloistered space before the stage not providing much room for hurtling bodies and a beam going right up out of the floor providing uneasy premonitions of split foreheads and broken arms. Luckily, none of that came to pass and Cosmic Infusion, Stark Denial, and Gutslit proceeded to ply their wares.
cosmic infusion
Cosmic Infusion played symphonic black metal influenced by the likes of Dimmu Borgir and numerous other Eastern European style bands that mix in folk melodies with their music. They got a great sound from my vantage point; the keyboards (also the vocalist) sounded lush and drove the music well while everything else was distinctly audible also. It’s not a style of music I generally listen to but I’ve heard enough over time to give Cosmic Infusion their due. Promising, hard working band and except for the non-descript, listless core-type passages that are the bane of modern bands, they are one to keep an eye on. I also loved the fact that they turned up on stage adorned in proper corpse paint and black leather. Heavy metal, especially black metal, has as much of the visual, theatrical aspect as the musical, and too many hipsters in this country tend to kid themselves by playing it cool. Heavy metal should be empowering; chaddis and chappals aren’t.
Stark Denial
Stark Denial were next and they were terrible. A major crash ejection to Planet Reality after Cosmic Infusion. I don’t know what was worse; the sophomoric bhenchod-madarchod chants or the embarrassing cover of Raining Blood done TWICE. Macho posturing on stage is cringeworthy at the best of times but especially inexcusable when you use it to mask bad music. There were no redeemable features to Stark Denial‘s music. I think they call themselves black metal, but that’s a bit of a misnomer for mine. Perhaps they have and will do better on other occasions. Sadly, this wasn’t one of them.
I was looking forward to seeing Gutslit. Again, I’m not a huge fan of slam; I strongly believe a breakdown should be used as a means to relieve musical tension and not be the main motif itself of the song. Bands like Defeated Sanity that wrongly get labelled as slam use breakdowns very sparingly which serves to offset the band’s more conventional (not to be read as “old fashioned”) songwriting chops. Gutslit played an extremely busy set of songs in promotion of their upcoming album “Skewered In The Sewer”. They are generally a very fast, squeal-happy band that tosses in a couple of breakdowns per song. I can’t listen to this stuff on record at home for lack of memorability but it can make for fun times in a live setting. It is strongly rhythmic music; the Frank Mullen hand gesturing that the style seems to have adopted is tedious at times, but there are fat grooves over which the more creatively inclined  can lay a rap or two. Unfortunately, Gutslit didn’t seem to enjoy the sound they got; the vocals were barely audible at times, and the guitar kept going off also. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again sometime though. They are energetic and get the crowd going.

Extreme metal has never been a big thing in Bombay for whatever reason, not the way it now is other parts of the country. I was keen on checking out some new blood in the city; Cosmic Infusion whetted the appetite but the main courses left a bit to be desired.

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Concert Review: Guns N’ Roses (Mumbai, India)

Not loud enough, but still the coolest band on the planet.


Pic taken from the Internet.

Slash would have looked great standing next to Axl Rose on that stage, but the world isn’t always perfect, and the chain-smoking guitarist whose face is always partially hidden by his curly hair wasn’t missed for more than a couple of minutes. The three guitarists who now wield the axes for GN’R are fabulous showmen, and all of the gentlemen backing Mr. Rose at MMRDA Grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex last night displayed at every given opportunity why they belong to the legendary rock band. Axl Rose – the highlight and the delight of the evening – went through over a dozen costume changes (what a collection of hats!) and yowled his way through the three-hour set from the band’s fantastic discography. Most of the people were mighty pleased (and got their money’s worth) as Guns N’ Roses played all the hits. I was thrilled to see (hear) William Axl Rose hit the high notes and sway to the music in his typical way, and to watch the rest of the band seriously rocking it out on their “Appetite For Democracy” tour. The best thing about GN’R‘s show was that it was unhurried; the band was relaxed and seemed genuinely happy to be there: Guns N’ Roses – the coolest band on earth – performed in Mumbai (Bombay!) last night and enjoyed it greatly. The sound should have been much louder and should have engulfed us, but it could be that we were standing in the wrong places in our efforts to get a clear view of the band. The setlist is the wrong thing to discuss, because even though GN’R played most of the hits, there are at least five eight twelve fifteen other songs I would have loved to hear them play. But I saw the rock star of rock stars last night; the frontman of the band that made me fall in love with heavy, guitar-driven music; a band so effortlessly cool that I took up smoking and drinking only because they made it look that good. And I’ll even say that after more than a decade of attending shows and watching countless performances, the Guns N’ Roses show in my city was the first ‘rock concert’ I experienced.

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Beermageddon 7

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Raving And Ranting About Drug Users

To a sobered Bombay, a hung-over Gujarat and a world on drugs

Drugs remain a taboo because we choose to keep it that way. What goes on at jungle raves and beach raves goes on at clubs and house parties too, the difference being that a jungle or beach party would have much higher levels of energy. And raves are the ones that get busted by cops more than any other type of event. But what authorities don’t know is that police raids on such parties can cause more harm than do good. Partygoers running helter-skelter – sober and clean people running because they have a train to catch the next afternoon, others running because they are on drugs. People chucking all their stash and fleeing by leaping over high walls, escaping by hiding in garbage bins for hours, or breaking a leg by jumping from a dangerous height in fear of being caught by cops who claim they want don’t want to harass the drug users and only want information on where the drugs are coming from.

The whole damn world knows where the maal is sold: right under the police’s nose. But legalization is too much to ask for, even if it means that charas and ganja will be bought and sold legally and people will get to smoke unadulterated stuff, and that corruption will decrease because the police will not be able to take hafta from peddlers and bribes from scared youngsters and the Government will make a killing with the revenue generated from sales of recreational drugs.

Look at Gujarat. Supposedly a dry state, but a bazaar for bootleggers, with alcohol in every form being sold at costly rates… and who’s buying? Almost everybody is. Some might say lifting the ban on alcohol in Gujarat may encourage youngsters to drink, but imagine what happens when a young driver gets drunk on his dad’s bottle o’ bootlegged and is stopped by cops. That’s right – not only is driving drunk a crime, but in the land of Gandhi, even drinking is a crime. So, the fellow steps on the gas in panic, the alcohol and adrenalin playing havoc with his mind, and rams the car into something or someone he shouldn’t. That day will come sooner or later, Gujarat. In Bombay, we’ll jail the drunk driver. In Ahmedabad, you’ll have only yourselves to blame.

We’re the ones who criminalize the use of drugs. For some reason, we’re afraid to let others know that we have used drugs to our advantage, that they have helped us greatly and that we would have been far less aware of ourselves and things around us had we not taken those drugs. It’s not necessary to announce to the boss that he would have a great time smoking pot or to inform everyone at a family function that they’re all idiots because they haven’t dropped acid, but to not acknowledge that which has played a positive role in our lives is to disrespect it. Hey, if we can be grateful to a god who won’t rise for a turkey that didn’t come flying from heaven, and if we can praise an invisible god for everything that happens even though it was the butcher who slaughtered the goat, we can surely give credit where it’s overdue, yeah?

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Exhumation’s Among The Dead (2005)

Dragging you back to the tombs with our debut album Among The Dead




01 – Among The Dead
02 – (Dis) Grace (I Am My God)
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05 – Orphanage Carnage
06 – Racial Slaughter
07 – The Awakening
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