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Bombay Death Metal Legion to headline Deathfest VI

DDF 6 posterThe baap of Indian extreme-metal festivals is upon us, outdoing itself with the lineup as it does every year. For ordinary mortals who can’t read metal logos, these are the bands performing at Domination: The Deathfest VI: Killchain (OSDM from Mumbai), death-doom act Primitiv (that’s how they spell it), Navi Mumbai death/groove maniacs Wired Anxiety, Insane Prophecy (blackened death/thrash from Guwahati), Bangalore’s sludge lords Shepherd, Plague Throat (death metal from Shillong), and Bombay Death Metal Legion (18 death-worshipping beasts from aamchi Mumbai paying tribute to the unholy gods.) Bombay Death Metal Legion will headline Deathfest VI, playing songs by Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Vader, Obituary, Death and other death metal monsters. See you at United 21, Thane!

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Exhumation Lyrics: Blood-Drenched Flags

[From Exhumation’s 2011 album Consider This]

Surrounded by unknown armies
Ready for battle, growling for our blood

Driven by thirst for warfare
Marching towards us, straight to their end

Leaders, soldiers – now you choose your weapons
For this folly they will face punishment

Shoot them, chop them
Blast through their belief systems
Maim them, mock them
And then leave them for dead

Fire canons straight into their leaders
Fight them, break them
There are no restrictions

Behead the horsemen, and then bring me their heads
Leave them to die, the ones who are not dead

Let there be the sound of the battle-horn
To let them know the games have just begun
Awaken our sleeping armies and bring them on
The show of power must be won by dawn

Taste the blood of victory

Pounded, they run back dumbfounded
Chased by battle-tanks which we have mounted

Limbless, some are on one leg, others are handless
And have forgotten their names, forgotten to scream

But no, no way
We will not let them go
Slash them, smash them
Let the blood spray like never before

Bring out the axes
Hack the remaining to pieces
Burn them, the maimed
Teach them the meaning of pain

Drag the living,
Back to the torture camps,
The torment for them,
Has only just begun

Send back the news
Of their loss and suffering
So the children and widows
Beat their chests and wail

And now, it’s time to rest
And regain our strength
For greater challenges

Brothers, we’ve marched to victory
And the celebration of our glory
Begins with a feast tonight


EXHUMATION LYRICS: Hell Forbid | Tandoori Chick | Absolute Power Now


Exhumation Lyrics: Hell Forbid

[From Exhumation’s 2011 album Consider This]

Never ever

Why are you still inside
Possessing my soul
Tormenting my mind

Spun is the web of lies
From the poverty of my feeble mind

Waiting impatiently for your return
If not, then I’ll
Wait for your end
Fighting bitterly for my redemption
I am a victim of my own convictions

And I’ll return to life
When you close those eyes
For the last time
Close those eyes

Waiting impatiently for your return
If not, then I’ll
Wait for your end
Fighting bitterly for my redemption
I am a victim of my own convictions

Never ever

On my knees
As I pray
Take me away

SOLAR DEITY LYRICS: The Darkness Of Being | Snowless | In The Name Of Satan


Exhumation Lyrics: Absolute Power Now

[From Exhumation’s 2011 album Consider This, “Absolute Power Now” is about violent sex, forced blowjobs and brutal ass-rape. Total fucking domination!]

Run anywhere you want, you can’t hide
Feel your pain
For my pleasure you were born
I will love watching you cry
See my dick
I will chase you down and fuck your holes

Prepare for rape
Violated, violated
I am naked

Violated, violated
I am naked

Without protection you’re butt-fucked
When my cock properly you’ve sucked
Your anus is my aim

See my dick
I will chase you down and fuck your holes

Violated, violated
I am naked

Violated, violated
I am naked

Be my wife and be my slave
And be my wife and be my slave

FREE DOWNLOAD: Exhumation’s Consider This  | “Tandoori Chick” Lyrics

LYRICS: Solar Deity’s The Darkness Of Being | Solar Deity’s Snowless | Solar Deity’s In The Name Of Satan


Music Review: Amon – Liar In Wait (2012)

By Devdutt Nawalkar

Deicide. An institution in death metal. A band mocked for much of the last decade. The advent of easily accessible internet, and the regrettable attitudes that have accompanied it in tandem, have seen an upsurge in new fans, easily dismissive or worse, ignorant, of what the band once meant to this music. As a guy getting into death metal in the India of the 90s, Deicide, alongside other well-known luminaries, were the ultimate alpha dogs. The first two albums are stone cold classics, and to this day are capable of chilling one to the marrow. As tired as Benton’s shtick might’ve become over the years, for all intents and purposes, he was bestiality and devil incarnate on those two records. The Hoffman brothers, Eric and Brian, took their Slayer-influenced atonal insanity to unchartered waters – there was precious little that sounded like Deicide then. They were fast, they were loud, they were politically incorrect as all hell. They just “felt” death metal.

They never scaled those lofty heights of righteously pissed off youth again, and even put out a few cringeworthy efforts in Insineratehymn and In Torment In Hell. Scars Of The Crucifix was the last album they put out with the Hoffmans, a portent of the style they would go on to pursue with Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen – a more melodic strain of death metal which, while working wonders on The Stench Of Redemption – the sound of a rejuvenated band with something to prove – quickly grew old with following efforts. Of course, post-Scars was also the time when the Hoffmans parted with Benton and Steve Asheim amidst fairly unedifying scenes of public bickering over songwriting credits.

It’s common knowledge that Amon was the band name before they came to be known as Deicide. Word about an Amon “reunification” had been doing the grapevine ever since the Hoffmans split. It’s taken bit more than half a decade, but finally, in the grand tradition of jilted heavy metal heroes trying to get theirs back, ‘Liar In Wait’ sees the light of day. Helmed by the Hoffmans of course, alongside Mike Petrak on drums and Jechael on vocals/bass, Liar In Wait is an extremely solid, if slightly unremarkable, helping of fast, blasphemous, old school death metal. And by fast, I mean this shit is fast! There aren’t many current bands playing this style today; I don’t mean the super technical, brutal stuff, but bands with an almost single minded focus on belting out unrelenting, tremolo picked death metal like a Krisiun or an  Angelcorpse of yore. There is hardly a groove to be found on display here, and while the tastefully melodic solos are the only reluctant concession to accessibility, this is precisely thirty six minutes of ball point caving in of the human cranium.

Thirty six minutes is ideal for this kind of death metal. There isn’t much by way of variety here, and the songs often melt into one another. But I don’t think the Hoffmans would have it any other way. There is a single point agenda here, and that is to strip death metal of a lot of cute afflictions that currently plague it, and revert back to a more unrestrained, balls-out style. This isn’t like the first two by any stretch of the imagination; as mentioned before, it owes a lot to Scars Of The Crucifix. The soloing is immaculate, and unlike the case with Santolla, isn’t protracted, knows when to bow out with grace, and just fits the songwriting. The riffing is much like the more aggressive sections on The Stench Of Redemption (throws up an interesting catch 22 too; the carry over from Scars to latter-day Deicide efforts being obvious, who exactly have Asheim & co. been copying the past six years?), along with a lot of South American and Polish death metal inclinations.

Jechael is good on growls too. Passionate, snarling, mixing highs and lows with perfectly placed ferocity, he won’t have you pining for Benton. The drumming is fairly standard for this kind of death metal; blasting for the most part, rarely having a chance to slow down and display other chops, but certainly not a sore point.

‘Liar In Wait’ isn’t the freshest thing you’ll hear this year, but you can’t fault it for passion and honest intent. It sure beats out the hundred and forty seventh attempt at ripping off Incantation.

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Music Review: Six Feet Under – Undead

Chris Barnes gets the band almost back on track with simple and consistent pummeling

It’s been so long since Six Feet Under released a few songs worthy of my ears that this feels right. SFU, with their new lineup, take things back to how they were on the first three albums, and throw in a few riffs that could have been on Cannibal Corpse‘s early work. 18 Days, for example. The band sounds in control even as vocalist Chris Barnes starts barking midway as if to protect his weed from pesky stray dogs in the lane.

Barnes, revered for the phenomenal growling he did as the first vocalist of Cannibal Corpse, is now also known for his poor singing on and the silly lyrics he wrote for Six Feet Under‘s last many albums. He sounds just fine singing about his ‘victims’ and their state (missing, lifeless, raped, limbless and other such joyful conditions) and not so fine ranting against anti-drug laws and the criminalization of marijuana users (even if we consider Victim Of The Paranoid one of SFU‘s better songs). He sounds so comfortable singing about how he feels free to kill on Blood On My Hands that you believe the pothead has a fantasy of murdering and getting away with it.

Most of the songs on Undead are not even worth a second listen unless you’re a big fan of Six Feet Under. The album wants to go death n’ roll but doesn’t stop trying to be CC of the Barnes era. The guy must be stoned all the time if he can’t tell how bad his highs (we’re talking about his singing) are, and not even a three-year-old would be scared by the way he goes “Eeeee!”. SFU‘s early work showed an effort at songwriting: it was groovy and catchy as fuck, with Barnes vomiting golden lines like, “I pull your insides out through your lipless mouth.”

It’s weird that the new lineup hasn’t made all that much of a difference to Six Feet Under‘s output. Still, Undead is not as bad as you’d expect a new album from SFU to be, and would be likable if it wasn’t such a disjointed effort. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t use words like ‘disjointed’, for they might make Barnes rasp all the way to the studio for another bong hit.

RATING: 2.5/5

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Music Review: Horrendous – The Chills (2012)

Horrendous enshroud all with cloudy bursts of simple-yet-powerful riffs, fat bass lines, and drums that batter. With numerous changes that come at the right times and ensure that you never stop head-banging, The Chills is high on dynamics and also has a lot of solos and vocals that go perfectly with the music. Highly infectious old-school death metal that must have been recorded in a cavern, The Chills is a borderline evil and downright creepy album from Horrendous, and a work that’ll remain fresh for long.

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