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mdmaSo, a really good friend decided I’d been off drugs for long enough and bought a gram of MDMA for us to escape from reality for some time. He thought I’d need a lot of convincing, but I was subconsciously desperate to get my mind off a lot of things. It’d been more than 19 months since I’d done anything – I quit smoking tobacco/grass/hash on 7th April 2011 (this friend’s birthday), and didn’t want to smoke or drink. Since my last two attempts at doing MDMA were major flops – the pill I had wasn’t Ecstasy, and the power I’d snorted was a very bad drug – I readily agreed to his offer. Snorting the MDMA didn’t turn me into a party animal, but it did make me feel very good; it was an experience I needed. Anyway, now that I’m done with it, and because I’ll never go back to smoking, and because I have no intention of returning to alcohol, either – I’m looking forward to experiencing the effects of DMT sometime, and a few more LSD trips, all of which will make me happier.


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Beermageddon 7

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Raving And Ranting About Drug Users

To a sobered Bombay, a hung-over Gujarat and a world on drugs

Drugs remain a taboo because we choose to keep it that way. What goes on at jungle raves and beach raves goes on at clubs and house parties too, the difference being that a jungle or beach party would have much higher levels of energy. And raves are the ones that get busted by cops more than any other type of event. But what authorities don’t know is that police raids on such parties can cause more harm than do good. Partygoers running helter-skelter – sober and clean people running because they have a train to catch the next afternoon, others running because they are on drugs. People chucking all their stash and fleeing by leaping over high walls, escaping by hiding in garbage bins for hours, or breaking a leg by jumping from a dangerous height in fear of being caught by cops who claim they want don’t want to harass the drug users and only want information on where the drugs are coming from.

The whole damn world knows where the maal is sold: right under the police’s nose. But legalization is too much to ask for, even if it means that charas and ganja will be bought and sold legally and people will get to smoke unadulterated stuff, and that corruption will decrease because the police will not be able to take hafta from peddlers and bribes from scared youngsters and the Government will make a killing with the revenue generated from sales of recreational drugs.

Look at Gujarat. Supposedly a dry state, but a bazaar for bootleggers, with alcohol in every form being sold at costly rates… and who’s buying? Almost everybody is. Some might say lifting the ban on alcohol in Gujarat may encourage youngsters to drink, but imagine what happens when a young driver gets drunk on his dad’s bottle o’ bootlegged and is stopped by cops. That’s right – not only is driving drunk a crime, but in the land of Gandhi, even drinking is a crime. So, the fellow steps on the gas in panic, the alcohol and adrenalin playing havoc with his mind, and rams the car into something or someone he shouldn’t. That day will come sooner or later, Gujarat. In Bombay, we’ll jail the drunk driver. In Ahmedabad, you’ll have only yourselves to blame.

We’re the ones who criminalize the use of drugs. For some reason, we’re afraid to let others know that we have used drugs to our advantage, that they have helped us greatly and that we would have been far less aware of ourselves and things around us had we not taken those drugs. It’s not necessary to announce to the boss that he would have a great time smoking pot or to inform everyone at a family function that they’re all idiots because they haven’t dropped acid, but to not acknowledge that which has played a positive role in our lives is to disrespect it. Hey, if we can be grateful to a god who won’t rise for a turkey that didn’t come flying from heaven, and if we can praise an invisible god for everything that happens even though it was the butcher who slaughtered the goat, we can surely give credit where it’s overdue, yeah?

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Indian Government Legalizes Marijuana

The Indian legislature voted Thursday to make the country to approve marijuana for medicinal use, pending the governor’s signature. Gov. Shantanu Divecha, who leaves office next week, has said he would sign the bill. Two years after the bill was introduced to the legislature, the Indian Medical Marijuana Act was passed by the state Assembly in a 48-14 vote. It received the cabinet’s approval just hours later in a 25-13 vote.
According to the news release from the Health Minister, the bill would allow doctors to give to patients with state-issued identification cards prescriptions to buy marijuana legally from registered alternative treatment centers. The identification cards would be issued by the Department of Health and Senior Services.
Only patients with proven “debilitating conditions” would qualify for ID card. Such conditions include “cancer, glaucoma, positive HIV/AIDS status or other chronic, debilitating diseases or medical conditions that produce, or the treatment of which produces, wasting syndrome, severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, or severe and persistent muscle spasms,” according to the news release.

Till Drug Overdose Do Us Part

While it’s no secret that Rahul Mahajan and his new bride Dimpy Ganguly like a bit of partying, someone told me they used to get sloshed silly on the sets of that show, bonding over alcohol and probably cocaine. The funny part is they’d walk around hand-in-hand in front of the other wannabe brides. I’ll give you some inside news: there’s going to be a sex scandal in less than a week’s time. Rahul Mahajan is the wayward son of Pramod Mahajan, who was shot at by his brother Pravin Mahajan. Dimpy Ganguly is an ambitious Kolkata-based model who participated in a Gladrags contest and managed to piss Maureen Wadia off. According to my source, the reality tv couple who are enjoying sex and drugs like there’s no tomorrow will be screwed by the media very soon. While you take this poll, be assured there’s plenty of masala in store for the public. Multiple choices allowed.

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