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Why Vegans Eat Mock Meat And Dairy Alternatives

A few of my friends have been wondering what the point of faux meat is.

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1. People don’t go vegan because they don’t like the look, smell, taste or texture of animal foods. They switch to cruelty-free alternatives because they understand that animals need not be involved at all.

2. Plant-based meats are obviously better for the planet in every way as plants don’t require as much water as ‘livestock’ does. Also, read up about the land use required for and methane release caused due to animal agriculture. (It is the Number One cause of environmental destruction.)

mockmeat_fauxmeat3. Wouldn’t you like to eat a vegan steak that looks, smells, tastes and feels exactly like animal flesh but doesn’t require anybody to suffer and die? One of the many benefits of making cool choices is that you won’t be ingesting animal fat or cholesterol and will be being kinder to yourself as well. Why not play with a pig and eat a large pizza with plant-based ‘pork’ toppings and stretchy, gooey vegan cheese?

4. Meat-free and dairy-free alternatives are for the awesome people who want to pull out of the cycle of violence but don’t want to switch to fruits and vegetables right away and want to enjoy burgers and tacos and pizzas and steaks and everything else they can have Vegan.

If there’s anything at all that you’d like to know about the mental, physical or environmental benefits of being Vegan, please ask me or any Vegan you know. We will kick your…um, we’ll be glad to answer your queries.

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