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Beer Review: Stud Premium Lager

With that name and a taste that could make a guy give up drinking, Stud Premium Lager is a brew entitled more than any other beer to be called ‘horse piss.’  Available only in certain regions of Maharashtra, and this stuff actually sells quite a bit out there.


India’s Most Popular Beer?

Just curious to know what people are going for in 2010. Listing all the brew available at most liquor stores. Leave a comment if you want to be more specific or if I’ve forgotten to mention your favourite. Happy International Beer Day!


Chopper @ Indo-Chinese Food Stalls

Those sick of Triple Schezwan Rice and dry noodles can ask their Indo-Chinese rekdiwala for Chopper rice/noodles. Chopper is a filling dish of leftover Manchurian gravy mixed with rice or noodles, but it makes sense to go with noodles because noodles in Manchurian gravy sounds good, and Chopper Rice is just rice in Manchurian gravy without Manchurian balls. Right, dummies? Don’t forget to tell me later how your system liked the MSG attack.

MUST SEE: Mainland China


Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Null Komma Josef

Grabbed a can of Null Komma Josef on the way to Pune; non-alcoholic beer needs to be cheaper, considering it doesn’t have the main ingredient. Wish I had a glass to pour it into and check out the colour. The can says ‘Classic’, and it is a fine, strong drink. A strong non-alcoholic lager is what Null Komma Josef is, and as the brew gets warmer, it reveals a clean taste. Of course, it lacks the alcohol bite, but this is the best non-alcoholic beer I’ve had yet. If it tasted like a mild lager, I’d be drinking it very often. Full marks to Austria for Null Komma Josef!


Beer Glass Photography

Check out this set of glasses the Buzz18 team gifted me on my 27th birthday.

“What?! Have you been drinking alcohol again?!”

“Don’t stop me today! Let me drink!”


Win A Butter Garlic Crab Anywhere

Announcing the 4th MKK? contest: go to a fancy seafood restaurant, eat a sideways-walking crustacean in garlic butter sauce and bill it to us. What you have to do is answer this simple question: What did the corpse exclaim upon being exhumed?

Last date for comments is 6th June. Losers will be announced on Tuesday, 8th June.


Beer Review: Carlsberg

Jaipur, Rajasthan 2008

Not sure if it was 2008 or 2009 when I saw an ad outside a liquor store saying Carlsberg beer had arrived in India, but that was when I immediately agreed with my then girlfriend’s idea of her catching up on a girlie movie because she was sick of me being horny all the time.  That left me free to do something else (other manly stuff, of course). I dropped her home and on my way to wherever, picked up two 650 ml bottles of Carlsberg, in the hope of finding a brew extraordinaire. How predictable.

There is much to be said about guzzling beer hurriedly in an autorickshaw. It needs to be kept out of sight of policemen, and a pint of Carlsberg looks like a bottle of Sprite, but I have two big bottles of this import from Denmark. The beer also must be kept chilled; Carlsberg is an ordinary lager, okay to drink when chilled, with a faint rose-like flavour showing up as it gets warmer.

Carlsberg’s promotional slogan says it is “probably the best lager in the world”, a claim which I rubbish as I point you to Tuborg Green – another Danish brew, and one you’ll enjoy drinking.

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